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Air transport cold-chain logistics has developed rapidly

by:CNS     2020-07-15
Air transport of cold chain logistics is developing rapidly at present, China's cold chain logistics is developing rapidly. In recent years, China's cold chain market continues to maintain steady and fast growth. Government focus on cold chain industry has reached an unprecedented height, and successively introduced a strong support policy, make 2017 & other; Policy throughout years &; 。 Cold chain industry competition intensifies, air freight cross-industry predator into the war, and to strengthen the alliance, in collaboration with the industry and become the industry's hot. The development of new retail business promoted the further integration of online and offline, thereby giving impetus to the growth of the cold chain market. In the 2017 annual meeting, cold chain industry league cold-chain committee secretary general Qin Yuming to attend the meeting and do the change of cold chain logistics and the constant theme speech. He from five aspects in detail elaborated the food cold chain logistics variable and constant. The food and drug transport by air changes of cold chain logistics first, the policy environment is changing. 2017 is the cold chain logistics policy year. The attention of the government has risen to unprecedented levels. The central and local government issued many policy of cold chain. Mandatory standard cold chain in the food cold chain health standards are set in. Second, the business environment is changing. 2017 golden third stage will not only change the logistics industry, and all operating company will be into the era of standardized operation. In addition, a fire in the last year's Beijing daxing brought home warehouse enterprises in Beijing. Beijing is no exception. I believe that the next first - and second-line cities will follow. Formal storage resources began to be popular. High quality resources in the spring, and it has been from a buyer's market into seller's market. Third, consumers and consumption scene change. The main consumption from 60, 70 became slowly after 80 after, after 90, even after 95. Their consumer demand higher on quality and brand, and is not sensitive to the price of high quality food. Consumer scenario is changing. In the past two years, e-commerce and delivery business is developing rapidly. Last year, e-commerce transactions of nearly 150 billion yuan. Catering market more than 200 billion yuan. Community shops, convenience stores and the development of the preset position very quickly, now basically achieved online ordering and delivery downstairs. Consumption scene has changed, we service clients are changing. About the logistics links, the previous logistics is connected to the production and retail B2B connection. In the past two years, logistics has started to expand to the dock, logistics directly connected to the consumer. Immediate delivery is developing rapidly and update, order is becoming more and more dispersed. Fourth, the competitive environment change. More and more manufacturing enterprises begin to independent cold chain logistics. Enterprise logistics socialization, additional capital party also paid close attention to cold chain industry, increase investment in the cold chain industry. There are some I don't know the crossover, invisible competition, this is the most terrible.
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