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Air transport companies to provide better and more efficient freight delivery services

by:CNS     2020-07-16
Air transport companies to provide better and faster international express freight delivery service air transport company will be safe, fast and accurate service all over the world, and Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other places, and can implement information through the Internet tracking service. And provide better and more efficient aviation ground agent and cargo delivery services. Normally, seafood products air transport company have independent packing, bubble chamber + + carton as consisting of a set of packaging, plastic bags at the specified packaging point-of-sale, seafood in the bubble chamber after sealing, and then bagged in carton sealing, packaging is complete; If seafood need oxygen, be sure to use foam tape sealed box. Goods arrived, cargo will be according to the data on the air waybill, sorting and check the integrity of the goods, to have damage, shortage, will help the consignee to the carrier tracking or claims, arrived for partial goods will be tracking until all the goods were collected. Air freight company 丨 ( /系统)
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