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Air transport company for you to introduce the requirement of the air transport of dangerous goods

by:CNS     2020-07-16
Air transportation company to introduce you to the requirements of air transport of dangerous goods air transport of dangerous goods refers to can damage the physical and mental health, serious damage to the safety, lead to economic losses or air pollution, and in the products of the dangerous goods rules specified in the watch, or according to the regulations of dangerous goods classification of objects or chemicals. It and it is often said that is not a definition of dangerous chemicals, the distinguish basis and application fields, etc. Dangerous chemicals is a damage, erosion, explosion, fire, burning characteristics, such as, the equipment, the natural environment have harm to the body of the highly toxic chemicals and other chemicals. Dangerous goods including objects and chemical material, is the transport industry, chemicals and dangerous chemicals can, by the safety bureau management methods. Air transport in the common lithium electricity is dangerous goods but not dangerous chemicals. Air transport of dangerous goods is not standard, immediate harm to aviation safety, below is a simple introduction of the requirements of air transport of dangerous goods. First, the shipper should be according to the regulation of the dangerous goods rules, for the shipment of dangerous goods to carry out the proper resolution, classification, packaging, add logo, label and prepare documents in advance, this work not only should accord with the carrier air transport the rules of the company, and also should follow the same origin countries, transfer station and the requirement of national purpose. Second, air transport companies or pavement service agencies in the pickup when the dangerous goods, according to the collector checklist with the goods package, the shipper to submit the documents one by one check inspection, even a discrepancy will return, the shipper will not pass items in accordance with the provisions of the dangerous goods rules, adjust and improve again, until the actual. After pickup of dangerous goods into the library, should be placed in dangerous goods warehouse. Different during storage of dangerous goods according to the regulations of dangerous goods in & other; Package protection table & throughout; Regulations in each region in the warehouse. To consider when loading the goods to the aircraft cockpit and qualified civil aircraft loading, incompatible must protection, only the transport of dangerous goods packaging are invalid civil aviation passenger transport of dangerous goods. Carrier or pavement service agency organization make sure package before loading on board or container has been inspection and determined there was no so slack or destroy, or transportation. When the carrier or the road service agency organization find identity is lost or can't identify, must be in accordance with & other; Dangerous goods declaration form the shipper & throughout; Show the information of changing a logo. Before the goods CuanJi, supervision of loading staff again basis & other; Special cargo chief notice & throughout; Verification, inspection, and before the flight chief and tell the information for the flight operation control staff.
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