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Air transport has a substantial help to the enterprise, its advantage is

by:CNS     2020-07-14
If air transport has substantial help to the enterprise, its advantage is due to the promptness of air transport, air express can speed up the circulation of goods production enterprises, thereby saving product storage charges, insurance premium and interest expenses, etc. , on the other hand the circulation speed of the product, also has brought the money velocity, can greatly increase the utilization rate of funds. Time: air freight forwarding company to air transport link and are very familiar with the relevant rules and regulations, and with the airlines, airports, customs, commodity inspection, all relatived inspections, quarantine and other transport departments have extensive and close relations, with air cargo agents of various facilities and necessary conditions. At the same time, the air freight agent company has offices all over the world, or, or have agency network, able to timely contact, to grasp the whole process of carriage of goods, therefore, entrust a air freight forwarding company to handle import and export cargo transportation is convenient. International air freight low breakage, good safety. Itself, on the ground, because of the air cargo price is higher, the operating process link to compare other transportation means much more strict, the situation of the damaged greatly reduce, after the goods loaded on the plane, it is difficult to cause damage to the goods in the air, so in the whole cargo transport links, the lower breakage, good safety of the goods. Although this characteristic makes some goods from the physical properties, weak air, such as big volume, heavy weight machinery equipment instrument, etc. , but some of this kind of goods are special damage to the goods, so the constraints must be shipped by air transport, to reduce the risk of damage. Shanghai air cargo transportation space span, and for a limited time, the plane of the space is one of the biggest span, usually some wide-body aircraft now can fly 7000 km at a time, totally no problem for transatlantic flight, fly from China to the west coast of the United States, only 13 hours or so, this for some goods transport is very large, the advantages of the live animals, for example, if a transoceanic transport, usually by sea need half a month or so, it is unable to undertake, only USES the air transport, to ensure the survival of the live animals in a short time.
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