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Air transport has become an indispensable means

by:CNS     2020-07-14
Air transport has become a necessary means of cabin air logistics volume and weight is large, delivery cost and the freight is higher than ground transportation. Due to the flight affected by meteorological conditions certain limit, its normal and on time. In addition, the advantages of air transport speed in order to give full play to in the short-distance transport. Air law to get rid of the maritime law pattern already, then air law, 1919 Paris convention on aerial voyage management has been adopted throughout the &; Harmless by & other; System, but by 1944 the elder brother of the cheese and the convention on international civil aviation has abandoned this system and the generation of air & rsquo; Right of business & lsquo; ( Traff权利) ( The five air free) The concept of. Route restrictions aircraft flying in the air, the extent of the much smaller than cars, trains, ships. It can be any distance on the ground of connecting two places, can regularly or irregularly. Disaster relief, supply, especially in remote areas of first aid and other emergency task, air transport has become an indispensable means. Air transport 丨 ( /系统)
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