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Air transport how to do well on the road to development, provide the best service for people

by:CNS     2020-07-15
Air transport how to do well on the road to development, provide the best service for people air express, after receipt of the consignment note and the relevant documents, in conjunction with the CAAC, according to the distribution principle, the nature of the goods, the freight quantity, destination, etc. , combined with the flight, arrange the shipping space, and then the air waybill issued by China civil aviation. The loading and installed. Sinotrans company according to the flight, on behalf of the foreign trade companies or industry and trade enterprises to the warehouse the goods sent to the airport, to deliver the goods against shipping documents specify the shipping space for shipment. Air freight company happened before loading and unloading, transport, storage, delivery process is not properly, and produce goods damage or loss of accident, called s cargo damage. Carrier is the carrier, air waybill is the proof of delivery, as sinotrans air transport agents, such as company, has its own waybill, air waybill and air waybill on the back, all have the responsibility and the indemnity clause. A range of international air transport, major airlines as the main body in the transportation, it basically there is no blind spots. And international express is has its own network, cargo query is more convenient, also send a delivery and can replace customers go through the formalities of customs declaration, customs clearance, commodity inspection, etc. Shanghai airlines cargo center wholeheartedly for the customer to provide professional, excellent and reliable international pet air import and export business, and can valet declaration, commodity inspection, verification, fumigation, international orders one-stop services such as wooden cases. With rich experience are well received by customers and trust. The company has enough strength up to the great trust of the clients. Our commitment: customer all international business the entire POD tracking, polarizer SMS receipt, Shanghai air freight pet checked & other; Based on Shanghai, go to the national & throughout; For the development goals. In the next few years, will continue in Shanghai and the Yangtze river delta region to expand new markets, committed to the development of the country. Become your best pet shipping service provider and the most excellent brands in the industry! Shanghai airlines cargo commitment: from to the improper operation caused damage, lost goods, except by agreement content compensation, freight all returned.
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