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Air transport in the collector mainly includes the principle of what respect?

by:CNS     2020-07-17
Air transport in the collector mainly includes the principle of what respect? When we accept the transportation of export goods, the first thing to consider is whether our service object with the conditions of the transportation of the goods, whether to meet the requirements of China customs law, and it provides file and whether the goods comply with the provisions of the air transport and customs. That is to say whether conform to the principle of collector, air express today we together for the analysis of the principle of the collector mainly includes which aspects. 1 a, customs. Whether the user has the rights to import and export, all exports of goods is within the scope of business. 2. The user is in the port of export customs registration. If unregistered, it will not be in the port for customs clearance. 3. If you want to export the goods outside the scope of services, you will need to apply for export license. 4. Can provide a full range of valid documents to the customs. 5. Without customs registration unit in the hall, bureaus under the condition of approval, can handle the shipment of the following trade nature: free aid, temporary import and export, other ( Non-trade nature) And so on. 1 second, the airlines. Airlines collector principle: Ⅰ Ⅱ, sand convention, dental conditions Ⅲ, AIR CHINA and foreign airline transportation agreement signed between the two. Clear the shipper and the carrier's liability, 1) The shipper shipment of the goods must conform to the relevant originating, transit and arrived in the country's laws, regulations and all AIR CHINA transportation regulations. ( 2) The shipper shall do as prescribed by the customs, quarantine and other government departments related to all formalities goods entry, exit and transit, etc. ( 3) The shipper has the responsibility to provide the documents and information related to transportation, and the documents and information provided by the responsible for the correctness and completeness. International cargo handling. The highest limitation of liability of the carrier for $20 per kilogram of gross weight or equivalent. If required by the shipper to the carrier responsible for higher limit, then it must declare the value of the delivered goods, and pay a declare value surcharge. 3. Packaging accord with the requirement of air transport: in other words, under the condition of normal operation, can guarantee the goods arrived intact. Request according to the nature of the shipper, shape, weight and correctly handle the goods air transport requirements. When packing, please do not use straw bag, gunnysack, packaging materials such as straw rope.
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