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Air transport is an important part of modern aviation logistics freight

by:CNS     2020-07-14
Air transport is an important part of modern aviation logistics freight Shanghai air freight company is approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Shanghai municipal industrial and commercial bureau approval, a wide range of mature logistics enterprises, the company belongs to Shanghai airlines, the company is located in Shanghai hongqiao international airport. On the basis of the company in Shanghai, China Eastern airlines, aviation logistics, the specialty is engaged in air cargo air carrier, such as pet checked air transport business and the generation and transportation of railway express, service network throughout the country, 92, in the cities and more than 100 countries and regions of the world. International air freight, also known as air transport, it is an important part of modern aviation logistics freight, which provide safe, fast and convenient and quality services. With high efficiency and can provide comprehensive aviation logistics express service airport in reducing commodity production and operating costs, improve product quality, protect the ecological environment, accelerate the turnover of goods and so on will play an important role. Shanghai airlines freight company regulation, small volume of the goods, weight big, according to the actual weight; The goods volume is big, the weight hour, calculate by volume. When the consolidation, a batch of goods is composed of a few different goods, bulky cargo and heavy goods. The chargeable weight, the use of the whole batch of goods weight, total gross weight or the total volume is calculated based on a higher of the two.
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