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Air transport logistics company: professional knowledge of shipping containers at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (1)

by:CNS     2021-07-12
Air transport logistics company: Professional knowledge of the 19th largest shipping container (1) 2021-05-12 16:32 Air transport, logistics company, ten, nine, shipping, container, ten, nine,    19 largest shipping container expertise—— Air freight logistics company.  Sea shipping containers are widely used in the transportation of import and export goods. The following are some basic common sense related to container freight:    Sea container is plain, sea container refers to a large and medium-sized loading vessel with a certain compressive strength, bending rigidity, specifications and models for capital turnover applications. Shipping goods in sea containers can be immediately loaded in the sender’s warehouse and transported to the recipient’s warehouse for loading and unloading. There is no need to remove the goods from the box for refitting when dismantling and replacing vehicles or ships halfway. According to the type of goods loaded, there are product shipping containers, bulk shipping containers, liquid shipping containers, refrigerated shipping containers, etc.; depending on the different manufacturing materials, there are wooden shipping containers, steel shipping containers, aluminum alloy profile shipping containers, FRP anti-corrosion shipping containers, stainless steel shipping containers, etc.; according to different structures, there are foldable shipping containers, mobile shipping containers, etc., in mobile shipping containers, it can also be divided into shipping containers, open top shipping containers, and slabs Marine containers, etc.; according to the total weight, they are divided into 30 tons of marine containers and 20 tons of marine containers.   The external specifications of marine containers include marine container accessories. The external specifications of marine containers are larger, with length, width, and height. This is the basic parameter to determine whether shipping containers can be transformed among ships, car chassis, large trucks, and rolling stock. This is a key technical document that every transport unit must master.  Specifications in the shipping container The specifications for the length, width, and height inside the shipping container. The aspect ratio is the interval from the surface of the bottom box to the bottom of the cast-in-place slab, the total width is the interval between the two inner side jaws, and the length is the interval measured from the box side door baffle to the middle of the end wall liner. Determine the internal volume of the shipping container and the large size of the cargo in the container.   The internal volume of a shipping container is the loading capacity calculated according to the specifications in the shipping container. Shipping containers of the same specification and model have slightly different capacities due to differences in structure and manufacturing materials. The internal volume of shipping containers is an important technical document that material suppliers and other loaders must master.  The shipping container calculation unit is also known as the 20-foot conversion unit, which is a conversion unit for measuring the number of shipping containers. At present, most of the container transportation in the world have chosen two kinds of sea containers: 20 feet and 40 feet long. In order to unify the calculation of the number of shipping containers, the 20-foot shipping container is used as the calculation unit, and the 40-foot shipping container is used as the two calculation units, which is convenient for uniformly calculating the shipping volume of the shipping container.  Container house refers to a business process in which anyone sublet an empty container to an application person. Any artificially leased sea container, like the applicator, is generally a shipping company or consignor who signs a lease agreement for the leaser. The charterer presents the shipping container that meets the standard and gives it to the charterer for use within the promised scope. There are various sea container leasing methods in the world, including: voyage charter, time charter, fixed-term charter and resistance charter in the shipping area.
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