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Air transport of foreign trade growth of the company domestic transport industry is developing rapidly

by:CNS     2020-07-16
Air transport of foreign trade growth of the company the promptness of domestic transport industry is developing rapidly due to the air transport company can speed up the circulation of goods production enterprises, thereby saving product storage charges, insurance premium and interest expenses, etc. , on the other hand the circulation speed of the product, also has brought the money velocity, increase the utilization rate of funds. Need to air freight agent for the airlines export freight, material, issue a waybill, collect freight, import dredging port, customs clearance, inspection, delivery, transfer, the airlines can concentrate, to do their own business, further explore the air transport. Air freight agent company as the bridge and the link between the shipper and airline, generally has two possible functions provide service for the owner, replace the owner check or extracted from the airline cargo. Airlines is the function of its agents in the forwarder instead of airlines to accept the goods, the total waybill issued by airlines and their freight. Large increase of foreign trade in recent years, air cargo agent enterprises develop rapidly. In air freight is more advantages, relatively fast development for air, it can be seen that air cargo has both advantage and disadvantage, need agent in the actual operation, give full play to the advantages of air cargo, overcome its disadvantage, to ensure that the role of air cargo in economic development. So was not strict for the value of goods is low, the time of the goods, usually considering transportation cost, can adopt the mode of transportation of the air cargo. Shanghai air freight company | Shanghai airlines cargo international air | | Shanghai air freight company | | air express ( )
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