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Air transport small knowledge in international trade

by:CNS     2020-08-07
Small air transport in international trade knowledge in international trade, although the transport is still the most commonly used logistics transportation, after all, traffic is far more than air transport, transportation cost is far lower than the air transport way. However, in the current social development, the distance between the international freight is far away, and there may not be necessary to take some emergency measures. If the valuables by sea, still can cause unnecessary loss. Therefore, in this case, the air delivery method has greatly shortened the time of transportation. A lot of people are very familiar with transportation method, so a lot of people to the air transport method is not very clear. A, air transport packaging for air transport of goods packaging shall ensure that the goods in transit will not damage, loss or leakage, and will not damage or pollution aircraft equipment or other items. Parcel should be according to the nature and weight of the goods, transport conditions and requirements of the carrier, using appropriate inside and outside the packaging materials and packaging methods properly packed. For accurate, fragile, shockproof, pressure defense, the goods fail, must adopt the appropriate packaging method, in order to prevent the damage of the goods. It is forbidden to use straw bag or bale. Items shall be prohibited in packing entrainment stop the flow of goods, dangerous goods, valuables, confidential documents and materials. Second, the carriage of goods by air special requirements for special cargo transportation, in addition to general cargo transportation rules, shall comply with the following special requirements: the postage order for goods, approved by the carrier, can be in accordance with the provisions of the delivery is urgent, and emergency freight charge. Without the approval of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (special shall carry on the human body, harmful strains of animal and plant and microbial products such as medium. Any artificial, refined and aseptic processing of biological products, such as vaccines, vaccines, antibiotics, blood serum, etc. , such as mail. Can be given in the form of sterile and non-toxic. Microbes and the storage and transportation of harmful biological products should be far away from the food. Plants and plant products must be accompanied by the plant quarantine departments at or above the county level ( Included) Useful & issued by the other; Phytosanitary certificate & throughout; 。 Animal transport must be in conformity with the relevant provisions of the state and quarantine departments at or above the county level of immunization certificate and quarantine certificate ( ) ; Mail shall be under the protection of the state of animals, must be issued by relevant departments; Animals must have evidence of market management. If the mail post animals, he should contact the carrier and make an appointment in advance. When handling mail program, you must fill in the activities of animal statements in the mail. Need special care and feeding or large animals should be sent to escort. Animal packing should be easy to loading and unloading, and also suitable for animal characteristics and air requirement. It can prevent damage of animal, escape and touch the outside world. Bottom have to prevent the overflow of excrement and urine, to ensure that the ventilation and prevent animal suffocation. Should be marked on the outer packing of the animal care and preventive measures of child. Mail and the consignee shall be at the airport transportation and extraction of animals, and is responsible for the storage of animal before, during, and after shipment. For animals have special requirements, mailer should illustrate the preventive measures to the carrier or on site. The carrier animals should be placed in the aircraft cabin of the suitable for moving objects. Animal death in transit, in addition to the fault of the carrier, the carrier is not liable. If the mail post fresh perishable items, should provide maximum allowable transportation time limit and matters needing attention. Should order stores and within a specified time to the airport by mail. The fresh perishable items required by the government and quarantine regulations. The relevant departments of the quarantine certificate shall be issued. Packing should be suitable for fresh and the characteristics of perishable items, so as to avoid pollution or damage to the aircraft, and other items. Flight passengers shall not be loaded with unpleasant smells fresh perishable items. For fresh and perishable items need special care, mailer should prepare the necessary equipment, and sent by mail when necessary. In the process of transportation and storage, because of the protection measures were taken, breakable inflammable goods shall be conducted by mail or consignee pay the expenses incurred in the carrier.
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