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Air transport the dog dog what problem should note?

by:CNS     2020-07-13
Air transport the dog dog what problem should note? Take the dog to fly, together to see more scenery is one of the dream of many dog owners. However, the problem of how to use air transport carrying dogs hindered our practice of the next step. In fact, through the air transport the dog is not a simple task. So air transport the dog dog what problem should note? One, taking into account the dog health problems if you plan to air transport the dog, the first thing to consider is the dog's health. If it is the larger dogs with heart or endocrine problems, it may not be suitable for flying. Before you leave, if you can take a plane, you can consult your doctor first. Second, and the dog to sit the same flight do not recommend the use of so-called pet transport company, and must be on the same flight with the dog. No matter how professional, they don't believe that it is reliable. Not own pets, who can really in heart? Third, prepare appropriate flight case in terms of safety, most of the standard air box (with PP resin Polyethylene resin) Materials. Although it is plastic, but it is relative to the advantages of cage & other Surface hardness & throughout; And & other The impact strength & throughout; 。 This to withstand rough handling during processing of the box is very important. Fourth, let the dog in advance to adapt to the don't expect a dog like box immediately. Before the trip, give enough time to train a dog to enjoy air box. In the process of check in, you can think of some way to calm your dog. Before date of arrival of consignment, please purchase in advance box, placed houses, and introduce the dog boxes to rest and play. If the dog refuses to enter the box, using a food reward to guide it, to make it adapt to it, the box door is shut, shut down after can keep quiet inside. If the condition allows, the boxes on the trunk or back seat, let the dog stay inside, to experience the process of transportation box, reduce the reaction of the transport process in a variety of external stimuli. Let it remain calm and stable, and properly reward process, will let the dog & other; Transportation & throughout; With & other; Rewards & throughout; Link. Training a dog in the box, the host completely left for a long time, and let it know that even if he leave, the host will come back. In transportation on the same day, will be your favorite in a cage, sleeping MATS and toys or clothes with smell will put on clothes, make it feel more relaxed. Six, box must be reinforced and striking while the right box, but the box how can withstand the drop, even if the dog afraid of being scared, also likely destroy the iron door from the inside. Therefore, we suggest that in the airport baggage packing place to build a wooden frame, and consolidate a iron gate location, in order to avoid the iron door open the opportunity for no reason. Finally on the box with eye-catching color paper write & other; Have a dog! Handle with care & throughout; Each surface on the box, and then pray the airport handling personnel can take with care.
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