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Air transport using innovative technology to improve the quality and efficiency of the transportation

by:CNS     2020-07-17
Air transport using innovative technology to improve the quality and efficiency of air cargo transportation is the fastest tool, globalization into the market gradually open, brought international air cargo port thriving vitality and positive impact. International aviation industry rapidly grows the best of times, almost all around the world joined the fierce competition in the aviation hub port status, with large scale and very large scale successively built and put into use at the airport, and about the airport industry investment and return, the airport management problem attracted attaches great importance to the global aviation industry. Shanghai airlines cargo for air transport, air transport company as agent with authorization needs to be responsible for export goods delivery, documents making, customs declaration and shipping work. The client should fill in international goods consignment note, well will related customs clearance documents to air freight, air freight agent after check from the airline, air waybill issued by airline, namely for the carrier to begin. Airlines need to be responsible for the goods in transit in good condition. The shipper will air transport company after shipment, the carrier or its agent will be the one to the shipper, as proof of has been receiving the goods. Receive the goods unless otherwise noted, it is the carrier and the proof of the shipment in good condition. Air freight bill of lading with the goods, to prove the identity of the goods. Aviation transportation industry are seen using innovative technologies to meet the needs of rapid development and opportunities.
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