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Air transportation basic processes and operations

by:CNS     2020-07-29
Air the basic flow and operation is also called the transport plane. Usually, the goods are in need of urgent use. If the road transport can not meet the requirement of the customer, timeliness, customers will choose transport plane. Air transport safety and fast. On time of the ultra high efficiency won considerable market, greatly shorten the time of delivery, for logistics supply chain to speed up the turnover of funds and the circulation activation played a great role. Air consignment by region can be divided into domestic air transportation and international air consignment. Air formalities process airport air cargo content shall fill in the domestic shipping order and the shipper with resident identity card or other valid identity documents, go through the formalities for checked with shipping department or its agent. If the freight department or its agent requirements issued by the shipper units introduction or other valid identification, the shipper should also be provided. When the urgent air freight shipper entrust fresh perishable goods and living animals, emergency items, and the time limit of the goods, freight departments shall order the flight in advance, the date and the tonnage, and at the appointed time and place to handle the formalities. Air freight and the shipper government restrictions need to be dealt with by the public security, quarantine and other relevant government departments formalities of goods, shall be accompanied by valid identity documents. Domestic air to the shipper checked the book content, files and is responsible for the authenticity and accuracy. Consignment shall check the condition of consignee in different transport goods or can't due to the nature of the goods transport together on the day of the fill in separately. Third party logistics enterprise should pay attention to customer management and the characteristics of operating under the form of O2O, third party logistics company has completed the effective online marketing and information disposal, but compared with the traditional offline third party logistics company, should pay more attention to maintain their own online service platform, improve the response speed. Improve the quality of service, pay attention to the marketing effect, create high brand value separation of the company's development strategy. Set up customer management system, increase customer loyalty and viscosity. Features at the same time, to carry out the construction of the logistics, try to cross-border e-commerce, from the perspective of the form of O2O, small scale of logistics service, find out the market gap, out of the woods. Professional road, the characteristics of e-commerce to create brand effect, gradually expanding the scope of the market, become the industry benchmark. Self-run logistics enterprises should strengthen their own system optimization and development of reverse logistics in the form of O2O, proprietary logistics companies to improve their logistics management control, and completed the effective drainage well online service. Although the initial investment to increase the enterprise operating pressure, but the enterprise should pay more attention to the global optimization of the logistics business, complete low cost, high efficiency. Enterprise should to think in all aspects of the logistics system optimization, lest reduce total profits, optimize network, lean tissue, prevent scope expands unceasingly, form the capital cost. At the same time, enterprises should make full use of advantages of O2O type reverse logistics.
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