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Air waybill

by:CNS     2021-07-09
Air waybill 2021-06-20 21:33:33 1. The concept of air waybillThe air waybill is filled out by the shipper or in the name of the shipper, and is the route between the shipper and the carrier on the carrier Evidence of the contract of carriage concluded for the transportation of the goods The air waybill is drawn up by the carrier, and the shipper must fill it out in accordance with the carrier's requirements when consigning the goods. The waybill can be used for the transportation of a single type of goods, but also for the collective transportation of different types of goods. It can be used for one-way transportation of goods, and also for joint transportation of goods. 2. The composition of air waybills. At present, there are 9 copies of air waybills used internationally, and most of them have ⒕ copies. my country's international air waybill is generally composed of 12 copies of the original 3 copies, 6 copies and 3 extra copies. The original document has the same legal effect, and the duplicate document is only for the convenience of transportation and use. Among them, the original 3 of the shipper's coupon, after the freight bill is issued, this coupon is handed over to the shipper as a receipt for the consignment of goods and prepaid freight. At the same time, it is also a legally binding transportation document signed between the shipper and the carrier. 3. Types of air waybills (1) Divided according to whether there is a carrier mark or not. Air waybills are divided into airline waybills and neutral waybills. 1. Air Waybill Air Waybill refers to the air waybill with the mark of the issuing airline (airway emblem, code, etc.). 2. Neutral waybill A neutral waybill refers to an air waybill that does not have any signs of the carrier and is used by the agent. (2) According to the issuer of the air waybill, the air waybill is divided into the main air waybill and the house air waybill. 1. When the air waybill consolidator conducts centralized consignment of goods, it first collects the goods from each shipper. When receiving the goods, it needs to give the shipper a voucher. This voucher is the house air waybill. It shows that the shipper has delivered the goods to the consolidator, and the consolidator has received the shipper’s goods, so the house air waybill is the certificate for the consolidator and the consignor to hand over the goods. Consolidators can issue house air waybills by themselves, without being restricted by airlines, but the usual format is still prepared in accordance with the airline's master air waybill. In the house waybill, the shipper column and the consignee column are the real shipper and consignee. 2. The main air waybill consolidator conducts centralized consignment after receiving the goods. It needs to collect the goods from different shippers and hand them to the airline. A voucher is required between the consolidator and the airline. This voucher is the main air waybill. Master air waybill is very important to both consolidators and airlines. It records the most important information about the cargo to ensure the safety and accuracy of cargo transportation. The master air waybill indicates that the consolidator is the airline's sales agent, indicating that the authorized agent can sell the airline's space in the market. Generally, airlines issue a certain number of air waybills to the consolidator at intervals according to the actual situation of the consolidator and the settlement cycle. Usually, the consolidator settles with the airline after a certain number of air waybills are sold. Therefore, the master air waybill is the certificate for the consolidator and the carrier to hand over the goods, and at the same time it is the official document for the carrier to transport the goods. In the master air waybill, both the shipper column and the consignee column are consolidators. In our country, only airlines can issue master air waybills, and no consolidator can print or issue master air waybills by themselves. 2102
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