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All cargo airlines and mixed airlines how to solve the problem of capacity

by:CNS     2020-08-17
All-cargo airline and mixed airlines how to solve the problem of capacity while air freight maintained a good momentum of development, since last year but has yet to solve the problem of huge structural overcapacity. So the whole cargo airlines and air mixed company how to solve the problems associated with capacity? In the past ten months, air cargo companies benefit from the below demand growth rate of productivity growth. But, in March, according to data from the IATA cargo traffic growth rate began to exceed demand growth, which will affect the balance between supply and demand. “ , we developed a balance between supply and demand of strategy and work closely with customers and adjust our route network, divisions, maintain efficient aircraft utilization, and discuss the possible increase or decrease the capacity. ” The chairman of the Skybridge Freight Lazarev Sherge explained. Lazarev, moreover, say they are analyzing the change of market situation, demand and the requirements of customers, trying to maintain flexibility in terms of special cargo logistics solutions. Adopting new technologies. “ This allows us to the most effective way to optimize network, fleet and service level, & throughout; He said. Airbridge cargo double-digit growth since 2017, and reached its peak at the end of 2017. “ 2017 the goods we shipped more than 700000 tons, 13% more than in 2016. All the major market of air bridge volumes are greatly increased. At the same time, the load factor of 2017 compared with 2016 increased by 4%. Up to 71%. We will this growth is attributed to the success of the fleet expansion strategy implementation, the development of special cargo logistics solutions as well as the opening of new routes. Effective in high-end expert support, the combination of these measures makes the freight air bridge continues to grow, & other; Lazarev said. As for 2018, the performance of the air cargo bridge will be the same as in 2017, is mainly due to the lack of new routes and the introduction of new aircraft. The company is committed to improve the quality performance, to stabilize the route network, adjust the flight schedule, and improve the level of special cargo transportation services. “ Airbridge cargo in some markets has grown steadily. In Asia, Europe and the United States, we increased the flight and opens up some new destination ( Such as Columbus, liege, Belgium, Hungary, Budapest) To further meet customer expectations. We still benefit from the special commodity shipments surged, including medicines, super large and dangerous goods, and online shopping. “ Yedre said that excess capacity is still a major problem is the air freight, so it is difficult to increase the freight. However, he pointed out that since the second quarter of last year's demand growth continued until 2018. With the increase of freight and operator, the rate of increase, income is rising.
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