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All the tools you need to prepare for foreign trade (Part 2) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-14
All the tools you need to prepare for foreign trade (below): 2018-06-14 14:58:00 8 The pictures and videos in use of the product, such as the pictures in the background of Hyundai Headquarters in South Korea; powerful videos that can leave a deep impression on customers , The information that can effectively explain the quality of your products must be prepared, kept, and taken out decisively in the negotiation, a fatal blow! Many people are afraid of taking it out, peers will plagiarize, watermarking pictures, and watermarking videos is just fine; Chinese people follow the trend, but there is a psychology that many people who have done it by others disdain to do it, only a few peers learn For one thing, on the one hand, the Chinese people have high self-esteem and disdain; on the other hand, if they are not very sure about their products or are really willing to go out, who would dare? 9 Keep media feedback. If there are written feedbacks from relevant media, industry websites, or even major customers, be sure to scan and save them; if your company’s products are very popular abroad without affecting the customer’s business, you can Do you make some hype? For example, media newspapers, etc., keep all the originals! 10 Samples should be used as a tool to develop the market; for example, when it is confirmed that a company needs my product, and the amount is not small, when cooperating with Chinese counterparts, take the initiative to send samples for the other party to test and bear all the costs, 3000 It’s only 5000, and there won’t be a lot of it. It’s not just this amount of investment in publicity. Also, if some negotiations are deadlocked and the situation cannot be opened for a long time, take the initiative to raise sample issues and advance the list of negotiations from a new perspective. . 11 Mention the GOOGLE tool separately. As long as you use it well in foreign trade, you will get twice the result with half the effort. For example, customer search, customer information query, customer analysis, you need to use this tool more, Google's adwords, trends tools, language tools, have been studied Yet? 12 Peer information Peer information is also your tool. Don’t listen to what the boss says. The boss won’t tell you how low the price is. He will say that other people’s business is good and the price is still so high. Why can’t we do it badly? Get rid of it, how to do it, the one with the heart will win the world! 13 Sales skills for domestic sales. These are also tools, especially when negotiating. These tools will play a major role. For example, the commission method, let it die, and focus on sales. These are all. Knowing more about sales skills is very useful. . 14 Psychology is used to judge the other's psychological changes, speculate on the other's emotions, thoughts, and distinguish whether the other's words are true or not. They are also tools, but these are all used after long-term exercise.
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