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almajdouie pushes hard for growth.

by:CNS     2019-10-23
The famous Saudi business group Almajdouie witnessed the growth of logistics revenue in 2011 and made strong progress in the key links of the logistics business, which announced that it would merge its five logistics companies, form a single industry entity.
The new equipment, called Almajdouie logistics, will provide complete supply chain management under one umbrella, thereby reducing operating costs and improving efficiency, said SI Mustafa, a senior group official who served as vice president of logistics business.
\"This will be one of the few companies that offer an overall solution within their own resources,\" Mustafa said . \".
\"We are introducing new enterprise resource planning (ERP)
This will in January of 2013 completely implementation.
\"The new company will start with the new system, the new name, the new logo and the new slogan.
The merger process will begin within this year and the new company will be fully operational by January 2013.
Mustafa added: \"under one organization and one management, our market segments will increase because under one banner there will be a larger team working to bring in the overall logistics solution
At present, five companies of the company are in Saudi Arabia, namely Almajdouie transportation, Almajdouie logistics and distribution, Almajdouie terminals, Almajdouie overweight cargo transportation and engineering and mainland freight and international projects.
Although total revenue in 2011 increased by 28 percentage points over the previous year, Project Logistics revenue increased by 30 percentage points, accounting for 18 percentage points of total revenue in the logistics sector.
It is reported that the logistics of petrochemical products increased by 12 percentage points, accounting for 47 percentage points of the total.
Mustafa said that Almajdouie is mainly serving the petrochemical, oil and gas, electricity and seawater desalination, and infrastructure sectors, currently dealing with the total output of the Saudi polymer industry.
It provides services for the polymer industry from silo management to bagging, conveyor operator packaging, stacking, storage, maintenance, container filling, trucking and export clearance.
Coordination with shipping lines and collection of empty containers, among other tasks.
Handled in 2011 Company 1.
5 million tons of Project goods arriving at various ports in Saudi Arabia.
Scope of Work covers general, heavy, ultra-heavy customs clearance and transportation
The goods are heavy and oversized.
Transportation work includes the provision of lifting and installation, engineering and consulting, and project management services for major EPC contractors and international freight forwarders.
The project cargo Almajdouie deals with projects related to Maaden synthetic ammonia, Maaden phosphorus fertilizer plant, kalanita and Shuaibah power plant.
At present, it is providing onshore services for some projects, mainly the Jubail export refinery project (JERP)
, Yanbu export refinery, Dhurma power plant, Qurayyah power plant, Wasit gas plant, Manifa gas plant, Saudi Kayan and Shaybah oil refinery, Ras Al Khair desalination plant.
Recently, Almajdouie moved the world\'s largest evaporator in Ras Al Khair, weighing nearly 5,000 tons.
Almajdouie also shipped the world\'s largest bullet tank from Dammam to Jubeir, weighing more than 1,200 tons and about 150 km
Modular propulsion transport vehicle.
In the field of project freight, the company has its own offices in Korea, Japan and Canada, and has established alliances with freight forwarders and general freight forwarders worldwide.
\"We are a global freight forwarding company working with more than 300 parties worldwide.
\"Because we have a long term business relationship, it can help customers take advantage of our comprehensive talent, expertise and economies of scale,\" Mustafa said . \".
In addition to the project goods, the company processed a large number of finished products, mainly petrochemical products-
About 8 million tons.
If products such as dairy products, bottled water and paint are also considered, this number will exceed 12 million tons, which Mustafa believes is a great achievement.
The company\'s vision and strategy are the basis for expanding the GCC and increasing its market share in Saudi Arabia.
It aims to achieve growth in 2012.
While traditionally the oil and gas, petrochemical, power and desalination industry is the backbone of Almajdouie\'s logistics business, it will remain an important market segment for the next 10 years, Mustafa said, it does not want to be limited to this.
\"Our activities are diverse and cover almost all areas.
We also focus on fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)
Industries with more opportunities, and industries where we handle projects such as soft drinks, water, dairy products, paint, gas and lubricants.
Our next target industry is specialized in pharmaceutical and medical logistics, ISO containers, cleaning stations and petrochemical liquid handling and high
Technology and telecom.
\"Outside Saudi Arabia, Almajdouie handled several projects through the joint venture company Almajdouie PSC heavy lifting equipment.
We are very active in UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.
Our strategy is to focus on the GCC market and the rewards here are better compared to other regions, but we are looking for opportunities elsewhere.
\"In order to meet the growing demand and to maintain and expand its customer base, Almajdouie plans
\"Some companies offer low-cost services to attract customers.
Our top priority is quality, efficiency and innovative solutions.
Due to the large volume of transactions in Almajdouie, it brings economies of scale.
We will enhance fleet tracking through GPS and ERP links and monitor performance to optimize the use of each vehicle and driver.
\"The company is widely praised for its expertise in transporting heavy and oversized goods. Saudi Arabia has great potential for logistics growth.
The Saudi government has pledged to invest billions of dollars in infrastructure development and industrial infrastructure.
Compared with many states in the Middle East, the kingdom has a large population and its population is less than 25 years old, which is an important consideration for business planners.
Therefore, the demand for logistics business is expected to rise sharply in the next few years.
For example, while other Gulf countries are also experiencing the development of logistics services, the sheer size of Saudi Arabia and its population means that Saudi Arabia\'s growth potential is relatively high.
Mustafa explained that Saudi Arabia operates 10 ports in the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf and is able to handle the growth.
\"If certain systems are improved, Saudi Arabia may become one of the largest trading and shipping centers in the Middle East,\" he added . \".
One of the shortcomings of Saudi Arabia, the official noted, is the lack of a \"service culture \".
This will help if red tape is eliminated, such as at customs, and more simplified customers
The authorities adopted a friendly and progressive approach, as did Dubai.
Other countries in the Gulf are stealing Saudi Arabia because it is not yet aware of the reality.
Mustafa pointed out that, because the elements of service are essential, it is necessary to rethink the way the current system operates and to conduct serious training so as to improve the level of service.
Almajdouie is doing his part to make up for the shortage of professional logistics staff.
The company has set up the Middle East Logistics Institute Meli to provide professional training for the development of Saudi logistics and supply chain skills.
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