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Analysis of Problems Existing in the Connection between Railway and Other Transport Modes

by:CNS     2021-07-05
Analysis of problems existing in the connection between railway and other modes of transportation 2021-06-20 10:45:141. Lack of overall planning and imperfect connection methods. At present, due to management system reasons, each mode of transportation is planning its own logistics center and container center. The planning and construction of various infrastructures lack the necessary coordination. First, it has led to a large amount of repeated construction and excessive competition. For example, the parallel development of the highway backbone network and the railway network, and the construction of ports and airports in various places; the second is that it involves various A variety of comprehensive freight hubs that lack investment in the construction of hub facilities and related service facilities that connect between various transportation modes, between national transportation systems and local transportation systems, and between transportation systems in different regions, and have an important impact on the development of the logistics industry , The construction and development of logistics bases and logistics centers are very slow. This kind of development of 'heavy routes and light nodes' not only causes a great waste of resources, but also affects the coordinated development of the entire logistics system. In some of the larger port transportation hubs, the railway and the port are not well connected. Many port areas do not have special railway lines to connect with railway logistics centers, which leads to difficulties in water-rail combined transportation. 2. The combined transportation mechanism has not formed railway, water transportation, highway, and air transportation, which belong to different industry management, and the degree of marketization varies greatly. Compared with several other industries, railways implement highly centralized management, pursuing high transportation efficiency, flexibility and market responsiveness under the condition of shortage of transportation capacity. Therefore, a mature intermodal transport mechanism has not yet been formed in terms of business philosophy, policies and regulations, and operating procedures. Taking the price and charging policy of multimodal transportation as an example, container transportation adopts a new line, new price, high-quality and preferential price price policy, and the transportation of bulk cargo also adopts the national pricing method, so the container transportation price is sometimes significantly higher than that of the package. The freight rate of groceries. There are also factors that are not conducive to the development of logistics enterprises in taxation policies.For example, the business tax for transportation companies engaged in transportation services is 3%, and when logistics companies, warehousing companies, and wholesale companies turn to logistics services and engage in operational transportation services, the business tax is 5 %. In terms of investment policy, the government invests heavily in infrastructure and other hardware, but it is obviously insufficient in investment and funding in logistics education, technological innovation, development and research, and marketing. Affect the coordinated development of various logistics service methods. 3. Logistics standards and information construction cannot meet market needs. Due to the multi-head management and mutual division of various modes of transportation, various modes of transportation have long been in a situation of separate development. Different modes of transportation are in the form of transportation organization, service specifications, technology and equipment. There are large gaps in various standards and other aspects, making it difficult for logistics companies to choose a reasonable mode of transportation service according to market needs. Many companies can only use a single mode of transportation to carry out logistics services, while many modern logistics services based on multimodal transport The method is still difficult to develop. There are still some problems in the service, such as one ticket, one customs clearance, data sharing, etc., which makes it difficult to achieve the whole transportation tracking, and it is difficult to achieve information exchange with other modes of transportation and information exchange for shippers, and it is impossible to provide satisfaction for shippers. service.
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