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Analysis of warehousing system management solutions

by:CNS     2021-07-16
Analysis of warehousing system management solutions 2021-06-20 19:49:481. Inbound classification management handles the purchaser library business of various materials, and provides automatic classification processing functions. For example, the production personnel database, subcontract processing personnel database, and other personnel database of industrial enterprises; according to the type of personnel database, the document information of the personnel database is recorded in different modules. 2. Outbound management handles various outbound operations other than sales outbound. For example: the production picking, outsourcing picking, other outsourcing operations of industrial enterprises; according to the outgoing type, the information of the outgoing documents is recorded in different modules. 3. Other services provide physical allocation between warehouses, warehouse material scrapping and material adjustment services after inventory. It can solve practical business problems such as transfer, scrapping, and inventory. 4. Count all the inventory data of the business, print the inventory table, take inventory according to the warehouse and batch, and automatically generate inventory profit and inventory loss tables according to the inventory table, and adjust the inventory account. The function of inventory counting is to check whether the existing inventory in the warehouse is consistent with the booked quantity. If the result of the inventory is that the warehouse's existing inventory is greater than the booked quantity, then the inventory is profitable; if the result of the inventory is that the warehouse's existing inventory is less than the booked quantity, then the inventory is at a loss. Regardless of whether it is an inventory profit or an inventory loss, their differences are recorded in the inventory adjustment sheet. 5. Warehouse/batch management The Guangzhou-Harbin logistics dedicated line maintains the warehouse positions in each warehouse, handles the physical movement between different positions, and modifies and maintains the validity period of the inventory. 6. Inventory early warning function provides the early warning function of the minimum inventory, the maximum inventory, and the safety stock of the material. When the inventory reaches the alert level, it will automatically alarm to remind the management staff to pay attention. 7. Automated warehouse management functions The basic functions of automated warehouse management are as follows. (1) Real-time inventory query By scanning the barcode of the product, the stored inventory is inquired in real time, and then the product information is inquired based on the inventory information. (2) The dynamic and comprehensive allocation function of human and material resources can dynamically allocate human and material resources based on the batches of in and out of the warehouse, improve operation efficiency and reduce waste. (3) The comprehensive inventory function of the warehouse system can perform a comprehensive inventory of the entire warehouse system on a regular basis, and generate a difference table, which is convenient for verification. (4) The function of random inspection within the warehouse can perform random inspections according to warehouses, partitions, and locations, as well as random inspections for specific types of commodities. (5) The internal data query function of related customers can query product information in real time through the product code, and check whether the information on the product is consistent with the system. (6) Logistics efficiency analysis can analyze inventory turnover rate, out-of-stock rate, volumetric efficiency, return rate, etc.
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