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Analyzing the change of the air freight under the age of the Internet should play

by:CNS     2020-08-16
Analyzing the change of the air freight should be under the age of the Internet have domestically, air freight should transition to freight industry, not only because it is the natural extension of and because express logistics industry development bigger and faster than air freight, and the air freight to contain the huge opportunity. Seek development space in the gap. In the first half of 2018, the national express enterprise business amounted to 84. 600 million units, 433 year-on-year growth. 500 million yuan, an increase of 1195. 700 million yuan, 332 department policies encourage express logistics enterprises bigger and stronger. The express industry in our country, therefore, is an annual income of 200 billion yuan to 300 billion yuan of the market, is much greater than the air freight market. However, China's economy is about half that of the United States. By analogy, can preliminary judgment, the space of the express logistics development in China is very big, the development speed will be faster than the passenger. If speed matching, express logistics industry development speed is about 4 times that of the air passenger. It also conforms to the actual situation & ndash; — In recent years, Shanghai air freight company with 10 years the average speed of development, and express logistics industry is the rapid development of nearly 50 degrees. Can be seen from the above analysis, the loss of Shanghai air freight company is not scale or management problems, but after the network times around the market demand change management model. If only keep an air links, even if the good cost control, high operating efficiency, good marketing services, I'm afraid will eventually be eliminated by the market. This is the main cause of most of the traditional freight company losses today. Internet transformation under the background of air freight industry at present, Shanghai air freight company met a lot of problems and difficulties, but this does not mean that the market has no chance of development. On the contrary, it is this gap that we are able to seize the opportunity to drive change and innovation. In the face of the Internet, the traditional air freight companies if circumstances change, reconstruction of air cargo business model, carries on the strategic transformation, has a lot to do. Based on the Internet, to solve the transformation of business model business model, is essentially comply with development trend, to seek ways of production relations to adapt to the development of productivity. Because of the relationship between coordination and straighten out, the original factors hindering the development of the does not exist, is bound to lead to the improvement of production efficiency and benefit. Aviation the direct origin of e-commerce sites for air freight enterprise to build the overall logistics services has opened a new chapter, marked the Shanghai aviation freight company freight enterprises from the traditional to the modern logistics service integrators transformation and took a step forward. Although airlines in implementation is based on the Internet industry chain model transformation has made certain achievements, but the aviation logistics link to establish professional advantage is not entirely transplanted into enough upstream and downstream industry market competition.
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