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Apple laptop is more airlines check is prohibited

by:CNS     2020-07-11
Apple laptop is more airlines prohibit checked for fear of fire equipment, the world's airlines have banned passengers carry Apple laptop. As two of Australia's largest airline, qantas airways and virgin Australia has joined the ranks. Tencent technology (August 28 news, according to foreign media reports, there is a new airline transportation banned passengers check in some type of apple production laptop, because the battery of this equipment may catch fire. Qantas said apple production all of the 15 inch MacBook Pro must by passengers with a levite, and the equipment must be turned off. The rules will take effect on Tuesday morning. Qantas competitors virgin Australia aviation holding co. , LTD also announced on August 26, prohibit passengers checked all Apple laptop. Around the world have many airlines for fear of fire equipment, and ban on passengers carrying apple laptop, as two of Australia's largest airline, qantas and virgin Australia also joined the ranks. Apple laptop model in question is a between September 2015 and February 2017, during the production of 15 inch MacBook Pro. In June, apple said recall statement & other; Generation of 15 inch MacBook Pro products on a small part of the batteries could overheat and fire safety risk. “ Singapore airlines and international airlines in Thailand has previously barred passengers from carrying the affected boarding the plane. Earlier this month, the federal aviation administration ( FAA) To major U. S. airlines said it had warned about apple recalls. The federal aviation administration to remind airline, comply with 2016 equipped with battery equipment safety recall airlines means Apple laptop can't affected by this problem as your belongings to transport or carry on the plane. August 1 this year, the European aviation safety agency warned in the MacBook Pro. Although mobile phones, notebook computers and other equipment cabin often overheating or fire, but the fire never out of control. Since 2006, cargo airlines occurred at least three incidents, including two accidents causing death. In these events, widespread skepticism about the fire is the main reason of the electronic equipment used in lithium batteries.
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