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As the air transport industry not only has the speed advantage on cost also has a great advantage

by:CNS     2020-08-18
As the air transport industry not only has the speed advantage on cost also has the advantage of large air express and the development of society, economic development is inseparable, air express development to promote the communication and development of the global economy and civilization, promotes the circulation of commodities and the increase of economic output, to promote the advance of human civilization. The development of the it, the led manufacturing industry, shipping industry, the development of tourism industry, service industry and many other areas of the economy. Modern air express is one of the social life and economic life important component, is now one of the fastest growing industry. Air express transportation speed and cut down the cost of other. Air transport in any mode of transport in the fastest transportation, it is well known, are the biggest features and advantages of air transport, the speed of 1000 km or so, and the longer the distance, can save more time, the advantages of fast is very significant. And air transport is suitable for the long-distance transport of passenger transport, mail and precision, valuable goods, fresh perishable goods transportation. Due to using air transport, the goods in transit time is short, fast turnover, enterprise inventory may be appropriate to reduce, also can cut down the cost of packing, insurance, interest, etc. Some international air cargo to disable the air freight. In reality there are a lot of items are not suitable for air freight, even in the air is contraband. Has its obvious danger in these dangerous goods of all kinds of chemical products, there are also common in daily life easy to overlook the danger of public goods, such as perfume, medicine, automobile, electric appliance, and specially means fresh aquatic products, and even some animals, fruit under special circumstances also has certain risk. With the continuous development of society, the types of dangerous goods is growing.
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