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Australia being the smallest continent of the

by:CNS     2020-06-12
Different specific categories of license like as light rigid, medium rigid and heavy rigid are available in Australia. The truck driving schools conduct specific training, theoretical and practical tests and tests for confirming other eligibility criteria before issuing a truck license. However, the eligibility criteria are also different for obtaining the different category. In order to drive a light rigid class vehicle the applicant should be able to drive a car. On the other hand, if you apply for medium rigid class vehicle category, you should be able to drive a light rigid class vehicle and for obtaining a license in a heavy rigid class vehicle category, the applicant must already hold a medium rigid or light rigid or car or moped license. However, the driving schools also provide bus or semi truck license after training and test on the specific field. The heavy rigid training course is very popular as it covers all the other categories. The trainee also learns to do inspect the vehicle prior to operation along with other critical skills like controlling, gear changing, and maneuvering. The other areas that are covered in this course are safe driving techniques, hazard identification and general road craft application. All the areas are covered before conducting any test, theoretical or practical. However, the eligibility criteria for undergoing this training are not easy enough. The applicant should hold a current Victorian Driver's License for a minimum of two years, the applicant should be able to operate and drive a manual vehicle. Before providing the training, the applicant has to go through a handbook on Victorian Bus and Truck Drivers. However, appropriate clothing with enclosed shoes or runners is must for undergoing the training. Apart from these particular classes of vehicles, different kinds of heavy combination vehicles are very common Australian roads. There are three types of heavy combination license available in Australia for driving three different categories. They are Heavy Combination Condition A for driving automatic gearbox only, Heavy Combination Condition B for driving both synchromesh and automatic gearbox and Heavy Combination license that is unconditional or open. Obtaining the third category of license anybody can drive either a motor vehicle with semi-trailer or heavy rigid class vehicle with a trailer. However, for being eligible for this kind of license the applicant must hold Medium Rigid or Heavy Rigid license for minimum one year. There are some rules the drivers must follow for driving a on the road of Australia. In order to drive trucks and trailer combination with gross vehicle mass more that 12 tones, the drivers must take rest for 30 minutes every 5 hours of driving. After driving for 14 hours at a stretch, the drivers must stop for 10 hours of sleep. On the other hand, after every 72 hours, the driver must get a day off or 24 hours of sleep.
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