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Aviation logistics industry and meaning

by:CNS     2021-07-09
Aviation logistics industry and its meaning 2021-06-20 17:15:43 Industry is a collection of enterprises or units and their activities that have the same characteristics in the production and operation of products and services based on the social division of labor in the national economy. Industry is the product of social division of labor, the inevitable result of the development of social productive forces, and a collective concept between enterprises and the national economy. The breadth of the industrial caliber is relative. For example, the national economy is divided into agriculture, manufacturing, construction, logistics, etc.The industrial caliber is relatively wide, while the logistics industry is divided into highway logistics, railway logistics, waterway logistics, and pipelines. The industrial caliber of the logistics industry and aviation logistics industry is relatively narrow. Aviation logistics industry refers to the social production sector engaged in aviation logistics economic activities in the national economy, and is a collection of all enterprises or units engaged in aviation logistics economic activities. The aviation logistics industry is different from the air passenger transportation industry. The aviation logistics industry is mainly engaged in the transportation of luggage, goods and mail, and the air passenger transportation industry is engaged in the transportation of passengers. The aviation logistics industry is also different from the general aviation industry. The general aviation industry refers to the use of aircraft to engage in operational flights for industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery production, and national construction, as well as in medical and health, rescue and disaster relief, marine and environmental The industry of flying activities such as monitoring, scientific research, education and training, culture and sports, and sightseeing. Although the general aviation industry also involves items, it is mainly consumables and does not generate value-added logistics services. The aviation logistics industry, the aviation passenger transportation industry, and the general aviation industry together constitute the civil aviation industry, which is different from the military aviation industry. Therefore, the aviation logistics industry is not only a sub-industry of the logistics industry, but also a sub-industry of the civil aviation industry.
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