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Aviation logistics is constantly development at the same time, competition is becoming more and more fierce

by:CNS     2020-07-25
While continuously with the development of aviation logistics, also more and more fierce competition in recent years, with the continuous development of comprehensive experimental zone shenzhen airport economy, the increase of the number of air cargo company in Shanghai, while continuously with the development of aviation logistics, competition is becoming more and more intense. International aviation logistics giants have also come to shenzhen for gold, the scale strength, service standards is much larger than the domestic aviation logistics company, strong many. Therefore, the industry is going through the process of superior bad discard. The rapid growth of the Shanghai airlines cargo business, has given rise to pick up the goods, orders, customs declaration, shipping or transport business of air freight agent of the company's rapid growth. Due to import and export procedures of certain goods, such as the export goods before from the airport to the airline carrier sales, pick up the goods, booking, documents making, customs declaration and shipment etc. Import of the goods at the destination airport pick up the goods from airlines, orders, customs clearance, delivery, or transport, etc. “ And these business airlines normally not be responsible for, and thus to the air freight company, to the freight forwarding company rapid development opportunities. ” Due to the air transport freight forwarding of the goods distribution from all directions, a forwarder company only focus on their familiar with one or two routes, the rest of the line to subcontract it to other forwarder company and international freight company. “ Airlines generally to cargo agent company a good price and policy, and cargo of small firms in order to get a lower price, often take some routes the freight agency to any other big companies. ” The industry insiders said that after the subcontract price drop, and forwarding company main source of profits. Shanghai air freight company | Shanghai airlines cargo international air | | Shanghai air freight company | | air express ( )
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