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Awb properties and functions ( A)

by:CNS     2020-05-20
Air waybill ( 空运提单) With the Marine bill of lading is different, but similar to the international railway bill. It is issued by the carrier or its agent's important goods transport document, supporting both sides is the contract of carriage, its contents shall be final and binding upon both parties. Air waybill shall not transfer, hold the air waybill does not mean you can request ownership of goods. ( A) Air waybill is the contract of carriage between the shipper and the carrier and ocean bills of lading, air waybill is not only prove the existence of the air transport contract, and the air waybill is shipper with the conclusion of the contract of carriage of goods between air transport carrier, effect after the two sides signed, and the arrival of the goods delivered to the destination of the waybill on the records of the consignee after failure. ( 2) Awb is proof that the carrier has received the goods issued by the air waybill is also a goods receipt, the shipper will be after shipment, the carrier or its agent will be the one to the shipper ( The shipper) As proof of the has been receiving the goods. Receive the goods unless otherwise noted, it is the carrier and the proof of the shipment in good condition. ( 3) Awb is such an undertaking acceptance check awb freight bill records that belong to the consignee's expenses, respectively belong to should be paid to the carrier fee and expenses should be paid to the agent, and listed the types of cost in detail.
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