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Basic content of transportation management

by:CNS     2021-07-05
The basic content of transportation management 2021-06-20 22:42:53 long-term transportation plan belongs to the transportation strategy of the enterprise, and it is the embodiment of the management policy and goal for a long time. The purpose of Guangzhou Logistics Company's long-term transportation plan is to develop an overall transportation plan in order to grasp market opportunities, allocate resources reasonably and effectively, and create competitive advantages in a dynamic environment. Its main contents usually include: transportation cost and output (i.e. transportation volume and turnover volume) setting; supply forecast and market development; relevant major investment planning; scientific research and development; human resource management and development; overall arrangement of funds; customer satisfaction Plan etc. The annual transportation plan is the planning and arrangement of all links and aspects of transportation activities made by the Guangzhou-Lishui logistics line in order to achieve the phased goals in the span of a year under the guidance of the long-term transportation plan. Its main contents include: profit, income, cost and production annual plan, supply development and order plan, operation plan. It also includes reasonable arrangements for various resources involved in transportation activities in order to achieve the above-mentioned plan goals, such as capital plans, human resources plans, material plans, technological transformation plans, safety and quality plans, etc. The annual plan is the decomposition of the long-term plan. Various plans are interconnected and connected with each other. Any major error in any link may lead to the loss of the whole market. Together, they form the planning system of transportation activities. The long-term transportation plan is organized and formulated by the senior management, the annual transportation plan is organized and formulated by the middle management, and the basic management is mainly responsible for forming the monthly, weekly and even daily plans of their organization according to the annual transportation plan. The long-term plan of logistics from Guangzhou to Chaoyang points out the direction of enterprise development. The annual transportation plan, monthly plan, weekly plan, and daily plan are the basic guarantees for achieving business goals.
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