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Basic functions of warehousing

by:CNS     2021-07-17
The basic functions of storage 2021-06-20 22:09:081. Storage function Storage refers to the storage and proper custody of items in a place to be determined to ensure that the stored objects are not damaged. Storage custody is the most basic function of warehousing and the root cause of warehousing. The purpose of storage is to ensure that the value of the stored items is not compromised, and the ownership of the stored items belongs to the depositor during the storage process. 2. Regulating function Warehousing plays the role of 'reservoir' and 'railway station' in logistics. On the one hand, warehousing can adjust the balance of production and consumption, so that they can be coordinated in time and space, and ensure the smooth progress of social reproduction; on the other hand, due to the existence of different transportation methods in transportation direction, transportation distance, transportation capacity and transportation time The difference is that a transportation method generally cannot directly deliver the goods to the destination. It needs to change the transportation method, transportation route, transportation scale, and transportation means in the middle, and in order to coordinate the transportation time and complete the inversion, transshipment, sub-assembly, and assembly of the goods Such as logistics operations, it is also necessary to stop in the middle of goods transportation. Through the adjustment of warehousing, the rapid transfer of goods from the place of production to the place of sale is realized. And, when the transaction is unfavorable, the items are stored first, waiting for a favorable transaction opportunity. The task of regulation and control is to make arrangements for the storage or circulation of goods, and to determine the storage time and storage location. 3. Storage and inspection function. On the one hand, storage is to keep the quantity and quality of the warehousing delivered by the stocker, and try to keep it consistent with the original storage; on the other hand, it is to receive and release in batches according to the requirements of the stocker. Cargo, to control the quantity of stored goods, cooperate with the effective implementation of logistics management, and at the same time provide a certain amount of service information to the stockholder, so that customers can control the inventory and improve the utility of the goods. In order to ensure the quantity and quality of the warehoused goods, distinguish the responsibility for the accident, and maintain the economic interests of all aspects, the Guangzhou logistics company must carry out strict inspections on the warehoused goods to meet the requirements of production, transportation, sales and users. Warehousing provides for the organization of inspections. Venue and conditions. 4. The maintenance function is the basic obligation of the custodian to return the goods to the stockholder based on the quality of the goods at the time of receipt. In order to ensure that the quality of the warehoused goods remains unchanged, the custodian needs to adopt advanced technology and reasonable storage measures to properly keep the warehoused goods. When the warehousing is in danger, the custodian must not only notify the depositor in time, but also need to take effective measures in time to reduce losses.
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