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Basic knowledge of container freight (3) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-19
Basic knowledge of container freight (3): 2018-07-14 10:34:00 8. The marshalling yard in front of the container refers to the yard where containers are temporarily stacked in front of the container terminal to speed up the loading and unloading of ships. Its function is: before the container ship arrives at the port, export containers are stacked neatly and centrally according to the stowage requirements in a planned and orderly manner, and imported containers are temporarily stacked in front of the terminal during unloading to speed up ship loading and unloading operations. 9. Container yard (container yard) The place where heavy or empty containers are handed over, kept and stored. In some countries, container yards are not divided into front yards or rear yards, and they are collectively referred to as yards. The container yard behind the container is an integral part of the container handling area. It is the place where the FCL of the “site-to-site” transfer mode of container transportation is handled (in fact, the transfer is carried out at the “gateway” of the container unloading area). 10. The empty container storage yard (van pool) specializes in the collection, storage, storage or handover of empty containers. It is specially set up when the container loading and unloading area or transfer station yard is insufficient. This kind of storage yard does not handle heavy containers or cargo handover. It can be operated independently, or it can be set up outside the container loading and unloading area. In some countries, operating such empty container yards must declare to the shipping association. 11. Transfer station or inland depot (container depot or inland depot) The transfer station or distribution center for container transportation outside the seaport. Its role is the same as that of the container loading and unloading area except for the loading and unloading operations of special container ships. The measurement of transfer stations or inland stations includes urban transfer stations in container loading and unloading ports, inland cities, and inland stations in inland river ports. 12. The container freight station (container freight station abbreviated as: CFS) is the place where both the ship and the cargo handle the handover of the packing and unpacking of the LCL cargo. The carrier can only entrust the operator of one container freight station in a port or inland city. On behalf of the carrier, it handles the following main business: tally and handover of LCL cargo; if the appearance of the goods is abnormal, it will be remarked; the stowage and packing of LCL cargo; import unpacking cargo Unpacking and custody; Lead seals on behalf of the carrier and issuance of station receipts; Handling of various documents and preparation, etc. Thirteen. Shipper’s liabilities (shipper\\\'s liabilities) The shipper’s due responsibilities in container transportation are not completely the same as traditional shipping. The responsibility of the shipper of LCL cargo is the same as that of traditional ocean freight. The responsibilities of the FCL shipper are different from those of traditional transportation: It should ensure the correctness and completeness of the freight information reported; The carrier has the right to check the goods in the box, and the cost incurred due to the check shall be borne by the shipper; Customs or The cost of unpacking inspection by other authorities and the resulting cargo damage and difference will be borne by the shipper; if the container is not full, or the padding is poor, the stowage is improper, or the cargo is not suitable for container transportation, it causes The shipper shall be responsible for cargo damage and difference; if the shipper’s own unseaworthy container is used, the shipper shall be responsible for the cargo damage accident caused by the use of the shipper’s container and equipment. Or damage to life, the shipper shall be responsible for compensation.
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