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Basic principles of cargo stacking

by:CNS     2021-07-07
The basic principles of cargo stacking 2021-06-20 14:15:351. Classified storage Classified storage is the basic requirement of warehouse storage planning and an important means to ensure the quality of goods, so it is also the basic principle that needs to be followed by stacking. Including: different types of goods are classified and stored, and even need to be divided into separate warehouses; goods of different specifications and different batches must also be stored in separate locations and piles; damaged goods must be stored separately from the original goods; items that need to be sorted are stored in separate storage. After picking, it should be stored in separate locations. BFSU, classified storage also includes the classified storage of goods of different flows and different operating methods. 2. Choose the appropriate handling activity. In order to reduce the operation time and frequency, and improve the warehouse logistics speed, Guangzhou logistics company should reasonably choose the handling activity of the goods according to the requirements of the cargo operation. For goods with high handling activity into the inventory, they should also be placed neatly to avoid blocking the passage and wasting the storage capacity. 3. Save storage capacity and bedding materials. In order to achieve multi-storage under the principle of safety and convenience (saving storage capacity), the stacking method and operation technology should be continuously improved and improved, and the size and height of the stack should be appropriate, and the stack type To be reasonable, this can save storage capacity and bedding materials. 4. Facing the passage, do not enclose or block the front of the stack and store the goods, and face the passage as much as possible for easy inspection; at the same time, the stacks and positions of all goods should be connected to the passage on one side and be beside the passage so that the goods can be checked. Perform direct operations. Only when all cargo positions are connected to the channel can it be guaranteed not to be enclosed or blocked.
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