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Basic types of railway logistics centers

by:CNS     2021-07-04
The basic types of railway logistics centers 2021-06-20 10:16:56 Railway logistics centers can be divided into different types according to different characteristics. 1. According to the construction method of railway logistics center, it can be divided into two types: integrated logistics center and discrete logistics center. The integrated logistics center is often rebuilt from the original basis of the railway freight station, and all logistics operations can be completed in the integrated logistics center. The discrete logistics center relies on the railway freight station and is newly built in an adjacent location. The railway freight station completes some logistics operations including storage, transportation, and picking, while the logistics center performs storage, inventory, order processing, and information exchange. , Distribution operations and management and service work. 2. According to the scale of railway logistics center, it can be divided into large, medium and small. Those with an annual operation volume of more than 1 million tons are large-scale logistics centers, those with an annual operation volume of 300,000 to 1 million tons are medium-sized logistics centers, and those with an annual operation volume of less than 300,000 tons are small logistics centers. Generally, large-scale logistics centers serve many objects, often entire cities or regions, including large-scale enterprises, factories, or large-scale shopping malls and supermarkets. The volume of logistics operations is relatively large, there are many types of operations, and the required work sites are relatively large. Larger, more equipment and personnel, and higher requirements for automation; the opposite is true for small logistics centers. 3. According to the regional scope served by the railway logistics center, it can be divided into wide-area type, regional type and urban type. Wide-area logistics centers serve the whole country, and through cooperation with other domestic logistics centers, logistics services for customers across regions can be realized. Regional logistics centers mainly serve customers in a certain area, and their geographic scope is smaller than that of wide-area logistics centers. The urban logistics center provides logistics services for customers in the urban area of u200bu200ba certain city, and the geographical scope is smaller. In the process of developing a railway freight station into a railway logistics center, the actual situation of the freight station should be combined with full consideration of the geographical location of the freight station, the target customer type, the target service area, and the type of logistics service provided after the development of the logistics center. And other factors to build a suitable railway logistics center.
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