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brief-pangaea logistics solutions announces delivery of two ultramax newbuildings

by:CNS     2019-11-09
Jan 31 (Reuters)-
Pan Zhou logistics solution Co. , Ltd. * pan Zhou logistics solution Co. , Ltd-
Two pieces of ultramax ice.
Japan\'s large island shipyard 1c dry bulk carrier * Pangu logistics solution Co. , Ltd-
On 2013, 50% of the pan-continental joint venture company Nordic Bulk Enterprise Holding Co. , Ltd. ordered ships.
* Pangu Logistics Solutions Co. , Ltd-
Co has purchased its joint venture partner\'s 50% interest in nbvn, which will give the company full control over two new ship * pan-continental logistics solutions
The fate of selling financing-
A total of $21 million in leaseback transactions * Pangu logistics solution-
Long-term counterparty
A new entity undertaking coa under the existing terms acquired the terms of the transportation contract * pan continental Logistics Solutions Limited-
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