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by:CNS     2020-06-06
1. HOOK AND CHAIN TRUCKS: Hook and chain hauling trucks are the most common among the types. They are used to haul damaged vehicles and automobiles off the road. Used by the police force or privately owned self-governing truck companies, these were used frequently to move a vehicle off the road to clear a safe passage to motorists. Construction companies also utilize this type of tractors to move broken tractors. These trucks are also named sling trucks by some companies. But today they are not as popular as they were before and are not utilized often anymore. Their method works by wrapping chains around the axles and frames of cars to pull them. By this method they cause scratches and damages to cars and are therefore mostly used to haul only wrecked and junk vehicles. 2. THE WHEEL-LIFT TRUCKS: Similar to the hook and chain trucks, a wheel lift truck is now used to haul broken vehicles off the highway. These trucks work purposely similar to the hook and chain haul trucks but cause less damage. The distinction between the two is that instead of using chains they use a metal yoke. The yoke hooks under the front or back wheels of the vehicle to be hauled away. As a car may be hauled, a hydraulic lift or a pneumatic hoist suspends the front or back side of the car from the ground. This effectively prevents damage to the load. Transport is made faster as compared to the hook and chain type, given that the truck is only made to carry only a fraction of the load's weight. However, there is danger when the wheel lift is not strong enough to carry heavy weights. 3. BOOM TRUCKS: Moving cars from a channel or out of a hole, sometimes, cannot be done by simply by a hauling method. Boom trucks solve that concern, as they implement lifts loads stacked on holes. It is able to lift loads and can be utilized for pulling vehicles. 4. FLATBED HAULING TRUCKS: Flatbed hauling trucks are the smaller cousins of traditional heavy hauling trucking flatbeds. They are utilized for transporting numerous cars all together, from one location to another. Automotive companies use these types of trucks for their production. Most of them rely on trucking companies but others are able to buy heavy hauling trucks for their own use. The vehicles could be expensive, but in the long run, buying them would be a cost-efficient decision to compare disbursed cash plus maintenance over its serviceable period versus the cost for private hauling. Well it's not an easy job because they are moving heavy equipments to different locations. For this reason alone they make sure that the equipments are well maintained to efficiently move properly to new respective destinations.
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