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By air Courier service has become the consensus of improve the logistics industry

by:CNS     2020-07-29
Air express has become the consensus of the air logistics industry promotion development express is more than a link, multidisciplinary, multi-functional comprehensive open system. This feature requires us to fundamentally cost control, must follow the principle of comprehensive control. First of all, regardless of product design, process preparation, procurement supply or production and manufacturing, product sales and after-sales service, all work will be directly or indirectly caused by air Courier logistics cost changes. Generally speaking, improve the level of service quality and decrease the cost of air freight logistics exists between a & quot; Benefits antinomy & quot; The contradiction of relations. That is to say, want to reduce air express logistics cost, logistics service quality levels are likely to fall, on the other hand, if improve the level of service quality, air express level is likely to rise again. Air express online and offline technology has the tendency of further integration, the bottleneck of air logistics industry development has begun to offline technology transfer. Air express has become a logistics industry promote the development of consensus, based on intelligence technology to produce new products, new technology, new mode and new formats has begun to take shape, and have achieved good effect. Air Courier 丨 ( /新闻)
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