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By air transportation in Shanghai production and the influence of the ordinary trade

by:CNS     2020-07-10
By air transportation in Shanghai production and capital of ordinary trade influence Shanghai air freight along with the deepening of economic globalization, air transport, with its characteristics of fast, without being limited by the ground, plays a more and more important role. Airports are no longer in the traditional sense of air transport nodes, but by the agglomeration effect and diffusion effect impact on the surrounding land use patterns, resulting in airport areas around economic structure, industrial structure change. Economic globalization makes the enterprises by the freight, supply orientation, market to develop gradually as the time point. Time value to become the main factors influencing the enterprise economic benefit, prompting regional high-speed flow energy flow and material flow. Frequent exchange of energy and materials, at the same time, accelerated the recycling of capital, so as to make the regional economy get fast development. With Shanghai air cargo industry structure changes, the global market growth and integration trend obviously, a lot of raw materials, spare parts and finished products, information and capital flows frequently between countries, the continued expansion of foreign trade, the direct impetus to the progress of the air transport. Shanghai airport is located in Asia, Europe and North America, the endpoint triangle route, direct service fastest, is China's current economic development of the economy's biggest and most has the development potential of the Yangtze river delta region, the rapid development of regional economy, excellent geographical location for the development of air transportation in Shanghai provides a rare historical opportunity. With the continuous development of China's domestic air freight industry company, the airport to the local economy in the promotion of employment, consumption, family income, tax effect, make our country broke out in many places in the airport construction & other; The great leap forward & throughout; Type of investment. In Beijing, Shanghai, nanjing, guangzhou, shenzhen, Qingdao and so on aviation passenger and cargo throughput of airport perimeter, began construction or drew the outline of the blueprint airport metro areas, but not enough connection and coordination on the original cities and regions. The influence factors of air transport development is very necessary, this will help to coordinate the relationship between the economic development and aviation transportation industry, make the airport can be benign and sustainable development.
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