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c.h. robinson delivers door-to-door logistics solutions.

by:CNS     2019-11-08
For shippers throughout the AmericasH.
Robinson Global (CHRW)
Custom door availableto-
Door-to-door logistics solutions.
\"We manage the process from start to finish to provide a single
\"Source services,\" says Joe Mulvehill, vice president of International . \".
The biggest advantage of door-to-door delivery-to-
According to Mulvehill, the foundation of the door is the continuity of service from the starting point to the destination.
\"When the goods have to be transferred from one company to another, there may be expensive delays or other problems.
That\'s why our focus is on simplifying the entire process and making it as smooth as possible for our customers. \" C. H.
Robinson Global (NASDAQ: CHRW)
One of the third largest economies.
Third-party logistics companies in North America, $1998 in revenue of $2 billion.
CHRW is a global supplier of intermodal services and logistics solutions.
It has 3,000 employees and more than 130 offices worldwide.
\"Our staff in the United StatesS.
\"International field offices are very close to customers and operators to facilitate a quick response to the changing needs of customers,\" said Mulvehill . \".
In addition to its regional office in Miami, CHRW has offices in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico.
An office in Chile is scheduled to open soon.
Founded in 1905, CHRW currently provides more than 1 million shipments to about 9,500 customers worldwide each year.
In the Americas, CHRW\'s customers range from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses in all walks of life.
The goods involve a wide range of products from temperature-
Controlled products such as food and beverage to large, overweight equipment and other dimensions of freight.
\"One of the unique advantages of CHRW is our inland capabilities, which does differentiate us from our competitors,\" says Mulvehill . \".
\"We can ship our goods to anywhere in the world faster at competitive prices.
\"CHRW maintains the largest single car carrier network capacity in North America by signing contracts with more than 20,000 car operators.
It\'s also one of the third largest cities.
Suppliers of multimodal transport services in the United States.
For example, Dana, an Ohio auto parts maker with eight factories in Venezuela, relies solely on CHRWin-
Delivery on time
\"We manage the whole process from Venezuela to the United States. S.
It includes pick-up, customs, transportation, warehousing and delivery . \"
\"Timely delivery of parts is critical to their operations.
\"Another CHRW client is Monsanto, which timely sends large quantities of agricultural seeds from Argentina and Chile to the Midwest during the spring sowing season.
\"This is a big one.
Scale operations starting in February must be completed in the medium term
April, \"said Mulvehill.
\"We use air freight services within a strict time frame.
\"For customers, CHRW can evaluate current shipping procedures, rate structure and risk management plans ---
Then identify opportunities for improvement.
CHRW is also an expert in load integration strategies, helping to control costs while meeting service needs.
To help customers track their shipments, CHRW has developed a global Internet
Electronic invoices and payment services are also provided.
\"Our processes use EDI and other data transfer tools to reduce paper traffic, improve accuracy, expand databases and stabilize payment cycles,\" said Mulvehill . \".
\"As part of this process, we help our customers benchmark their current payment costs.
Mulvehill is responsible for overseeing all of CHRW\'s international operations and coordinating its global expansion plan to manage the company\'s Miami office over the past 15 years.
Miami office is one of the company\'s leading offices in import and export business, especially in international temperature
Logistics Control.
\"This is an exciting moment for C. H.
\"Robinson is international,\" said muvhill.
\"We have a strong platform in South America and Europe to continue to grow our internal
Mainland distribution network.
More and more of our customers are seeking our help in global logistics.
Our strategy will continue to provide a single solution to the global Portalto-
Door allocation.
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