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Calculation unit of container

by:CNS     2021-07-03
The calculation unit of the container is 2021-06-20 15:30:19 (1) The outer dimensions of the container The outer dimensions of the container include the maximum length, width, and height of the outer container including the permanent accessories of the container. It is the main parameter to determine whether the container can be reloaded between ships, chassis cars, trucks, and railway vehicles. It is an important technical data that each transportation department must master. (2) Container internal dimensions The internal dimensions of the container refer to the maximum length, width, and height inside the container. The height is the distance from the bottom surface of the box to the bottom of the top plate, the width is the distance between the two inner lining plates, and the length is the distance between the inner plate of the door and the inner lining plate of the end wall. It determines the internal volume of the container and the maximum size of the cargo in the container. (3) The internal volume of the container The internal volume of the container is the loading volume calculated according to the internal dimensions of the container. Containers of the same specification have slightly different contents due to different structures and manufacturing materials. The internal volume of a container is an important technical information that must be mastered by the material department or other packing personnel. (4) Container calculation unit The container calculation unit, also known as the ⒛ foot conversion unit, is the conversion unit for calculating the number of containers. At present, most of the container transportation in various countries adopts two kinds of containers with a length of ⒛ feet and a block length. In order to make the calculation of the number of containers uniform, the ⒛-foot container is used as one calculation unit, and the two-foot container is used as two calculation units (1TEUu003d1Twenty--FeetEquivalentUnits40ftu003d2TEU) to facilitate the unified calculation of container operation. 1289
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