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Cargo airlines including? Transportation: is there any requirement?

by:CNS     2020-07-24
Cargo airlines including? Transportation: is there any requirement? Air transport is a very convenient way of transportation, also is a kind of safe, time-saving transportation mode. But its drawback is that need more capital. At the same time, not all goods can transport by air. Carriage of goods by air transport can be divided into general and special cargo transportation. So what cargo airlines including? Air cargo to the shipper require urgent delivery of the goods, subject to consent by the carrier, can be in accordance with the provisions of the Courier and Courier fee. All that is harmful to human, animal and plant species, pathogen culture medium and other microbial products, not approved by the general administration of civil aviation special shall not undertake. Without the artificial manufacturing, refining, aseptic processing of vaccine, vaccine, antibiotic, serum and other biological products, such as the shipper of non-toxic, sterile proved according to general cargo transport. Microorganisms and the warehousing, transportation of harmful biological products shall be far away from the food. Plants and plant products transportation must be based on the shipper county county ( ) The above plant quarantine departments issued by the effective & quot; Phytosanitary certificate & quot; 。 Ashes should be packed in sealed plastic bags or other sealed container, plus a wooden box, the outer packing with a cloth. Animal transport must be in conformity with the relevant provisions of the state, and issued by the local county ( ) Above and quarantine the quarantine department of immunization certificate book; Check in belong to the state to protect animals, but also need to be issued by relevant departments remains; Checked belongs to the scope of market management of animals to have proof of market management department. The shipper animals, should contact the carrier in advance and finalize shipping space. The shipping formalities, shall fill in live animals checked declaration of transport. Need special care and feeding or batch big animals, shall send under escort. The shipper and the consignee should be at the airport and extraction of animals, and should be responsible for animal before and after the arrival of the animals. Animals have special requirements for loading, the shipper to the carrier notice or provide guidance at the scene. The carrier shall be animals in a suitable for carrying the plane cabin. Animal death in transit, in addition to the fault of the carrier, the carrier is not liable. Checked fresh perishable goods, the shipper shall provide the longest allows transport time and transport prevention measures, finalize shipping space, and at the appointed time to send it to the airport check-in. Government regulations require quarantine of fresh perishable goods, the relevant departments of the quarantine certificate shall be issued. Packing should be suitable for fresh and the characteristics of perishable items from pollution and damage to aircraft and other goods. The above special transport of goods, must strictly abide by the carriage of goods by air special requirements. Due to the particularity of the goods, we must pay special attention to packaging or some basic processing method, for example, has a strong smell of special goods, otherwise the smell after diffusion, could affect others, may also lead to smell is difficult to remove the cabin, so the packing must be strictly.
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