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Cargo declaration management information system

by:CNS     2021-07-07
Cargo declaration management information system 2021-06-20 09:24:59 Cargo declaration operations are generally divided into import goods declaration and export goods declaration, mainly to manage the entire process of customs declaration and the documents and materials involved. General cargo declaration operation management information system should have the following functions: integrate the whole process of customs declaration operation, management, monitoring and charging; it can carry out EDI declaration, automatically generate vouchers and other operations; Guangzhou to Beijing logistics provides various forms of remote multi-site Data access plan; the organic combination of multiple humanized and intelligent business subsystems fully realizes the functions of data sharing and comprehensive management between systems; provides various customs declaration software interfaces and electronic data related to government agencies such as commodity inspection, customs, and national tax. Exchange plan; combined with barcode scanner operation to improve business efficiency. The functional framework of the cargo declaration management information system is as follows: 1. Export declaration/inspection declaration management module (1) Automatically associate declaration business data, which can be used for export declaration entrusted information, customs declaration and verification forms, customs declaration types, operations Status, expenses, etc. can be managed; it can manage the relative inspection information of customs declaration; it can be directly exported to the document management system, and the related customs declaration list and manual list can be printed; it can manage the customs declaration registration form. (2) Manage and manage the information on the entrustment of export inspection, the number of the inspection report and the number of the manufacturing document, the information of the goods, the type of inspection, and the cost. 2. The import declaration/+gen picking management module automatically associates the declaration business data, and the import declaration and inspection management is to register and count the import entrusted data, bill information, inspection status, operation status, and charge information. 3. Customs declaration plan/automatic work early warning module (1) It can realize the early warning of the expiry of the customer guarantee deposit, the automatic reminder of the customs clearance status, and the automatic reminder of the commodity inspection operation. (2) Automatically prompt to collect inspection fees, combined bill fees and other charging items that are easy to be missed manually. (3) Determine the workflow of each business plan, determine whether to inspect the commodity, whether to levy taxes, whether to issue tax refund forms, etc., and arrange the plan in advance; for similar inspections and other uncertainties, it needs to be noted afterwards, or Guangzhou to Tianjin logistics passes The external port data is automatically identified and the inspection status flag is updated. 4. The status monitoring/document intelligent proofreading module (1) is organically integrated with the customer's internal order work, which can instantly feedback the situation in the customs declaration process. (2) Real-time control of the whole process of cargo clearance, and make corresponding quasi and continuity arrangements in advance. On this basis, through personalized analysis and statistics of customs clearance rate, as well as analysis of different types of customs clearance rate. The same is true for the individualized analysis and statistics of write-off. 5. Expense management module / contract customer charging template module (1) can generate various financial statements and statistical reports, such as settlement statements, business statements, dunning notices, etc., according to the settlement relationship and time range. (2) Establish a quotation management fee template based on various customers, automatically generate related fees in the user's order operation, standardize the management of fees, reduce manual recording fees and the possibility of incorrect input and omission, and assist users in managing business expenses. . 6. Account management module (1) Actual receipt (payment) registration system: Register the actual receipt/payment of business expenses. (2) The write-off system: write off the actual expenses. (3) Various statistical reports: On the basis of expense verification, the actual receipt/unpaid, unreceived/unpaid, aging analysis report, etc. can be statistically analyzed, and the customs declaration efficiency can be analyzed based on the customer's business data. 7. Document management module (1) Comprehensive tracking and management of related documents such as verification forms, customs declaration forms, and manuals in the business. (2) The monitoring of accounts receivable and the inquiry of corresponding settlement, etc. (3) It can generate various registration forms for receipt and release of documents. (4) Combining with the financial management module, carry out the humanized and intelligent management of bill release, so that the client's dunning work is no longer troublesome. (5) Combine barcode scanner input to control the circulation of related documents, control related work links, and improve work efficiency. 8. Customer relationship management module (1) The customer information module can manage basic customer information and related sales tracking records. (2) Guangzhou to Hebei Logistics can set relevant credit amount, credit period and other control options according to different customers to cooperate with related document circulation management, and can automatically remind users of the trustworthiness of the client during the actual order operation, which greatly reduces Commercial risk. (3) Customers can be classified according to the level of value to achieve efficient customer relationship management. 1318
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