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cargo ship with 13 on board stranded off maharashtra, rescue ops on

by:CNS     2019-12-12
Officials say a large cargo ship from Gujarat drifted Saturday between rocks in the village of Vangaon in Maharashtra due to storms and bad weather conditions in the Arabian Sea.
Police said some fishermen informed them about the cargo ship.
\"There are about 13 crew members on board.
Rahul Patil, head of the Vangaon Police Department, told IANS, \"We are making arrangements for their rescue . \".
Captain Vitale said the ship had set sail from Hazra, Gujarat, to Fort Ali, Maharashtra)
There was a batch of steel last week.
It will return to Hazira on Friday night after alibaaug has unloaded its cargo.
\"We lost our direction due to heavy rain, heavy waves and almost zero visibility.
At around four o\'clock A. M. we found us stranded on the rocky coast of palgarh.
He said all the crew were safe and there was enough food and water on board.
Police said the ship was lost due to a badly damaged propeller.
Captain Pillay said the 1,478-ton commercial captain was 78 metres wide and 5 metres wide.
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