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Characteristics of air cargo transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-09
The characteristics of air cargo transportation 2021-06-20 10:20:58 (1) Fast transportation speed, short transportation distance Fast transportation speed and short transportation distance are the biggest advantages and main characteristics of air cargo transportation. Modern jet transport aircraft have a speed of about 900 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the aircraft is not restricted by the terrain conditions on the ground. Except for the special needs of navigation, the aviation routes are generally shorter than the parallel ground routes, and the shortened distance means saving transportation. Time and social labor consumption. In addition, more than 90% of international routes use advanced wide-body aircraft and all-cargo aircraft for transportation, which greatly improves the aircraft’s transport speed and cargo capacity. The current international market competition is very fierce, and the market is changing rapidly. It is especially important for fresh goods and seasonal goods to gain time to obtain high economic benefits. Air cargo transportation has become a powerful means of commodity competition in the international market. (2) It is safe and accurate, which is conducive to stabilizing and opening up the market. The flying height of modern jet civil aviation aircraft is generally above 10,000 meters, and is not affected by low air flow. The flight is stable, and the vibration and impact of the cargo are small. The cargo compartment is in flight. Isolated from the outside world, the temperature and humidity of the cargo hold can be properly controlled, so the cargo is rarely damaged, stolen, deteriorated and other accidents. At the same time, the aircraft's flight accuracy rate is high, the cargo can reach the destination on time, and the fast delivery speed, the quality of the cargo is guaranteed, which is conducive to consolidating the existing market and opening up new markets. (3) Packaging can be simplified and cost-saving. Air transportation has modern loading and unloading equipment. The number of inversions of goods on the way is small, and the requirements for the strength of the packaging of goods are low, and the packaging can be relatively simplified. Due to the fast delivery speed, short commodity turnover cycle and rapid fund recovery, it can reduce the interest expense of the payment and reduce the cost of packaging. (4) The carrying capacity is small and the transportation cost is high. The carrying capacity of the aircraft is small, and the largest industry of large wide-body aircraft: the majority of the aircraft used are passenger and cargo dual-purpose aircraft. With limited cargo delivery, the freight rate of air transportation is higher than that of other modes of transportation, and it is suitable for the shipment of valuable goods, precision instruments, computers, high-end clothing, fresh and live goods, seasonal goods, and time-sensitive mail, parcels, etc.
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