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Characteristics of aviation logistics enterprises

by:CNS     2021-07-09
The characteristics of aviation logistics enterprises 2021-06-20 15:32:25 In addition to the profitability and self-financing characteristics of general enterprises, aviation logistics enterprises also have the economic characteristics of aviation logistics, mainly including economies of scale and network economy And scope economics. 1) The economies of scale of aviation logistics companies assume that an airline only sets up a base in one city (that is, where the company is located), and only one aircraft performs round-trip flights from that city to another city, and each flight can reach a satisfactory level. Load factor (actual load/capable load). In one day, with the increase in the number of round-trip flights, the company's fixed costs (mainly including the fixed assets invested in the establishment of the flight base, the purchase of aircraft and maintenance equipment, and the salary expenditures other than flight personnel) will gradually be diluted, and the average cost will be gradually diluted. The curve will gradually decrease. 2) The network economy of the aviation logistics industry The network economy of the aviation logistics industry means that as the airline's route network expands, the density of flights on each route it provides increases, the load factor increases, and the passenger transfers through the network center. Increasing revenue and decreasing average cost due to the shortening of flight time. If an airline establishes a route network covering a wider area and more cities connected, the economics of this kind of network will be more obvious. When the route network spatially surpasses the effective operating range of a single airline, in a larger market, or between multiple regional markets, the interconnection between each airline network center will form an even larger network of. The interconnection between network nodes has further improved the convenience of air transportation, promoted the rapid expansion of market capacity from both demand and supply, and saved the total cost of the entire industry. This is the network economy of the aviation logistics industry. . The network economy possessed by the industry can synergize and amplify the network economy of a single airline, and further expand the network coverage of a single enterprise. In this sense, there is an interdependence between airlines' network economy. 3) The scope economy of air logistics companies If we regard the transportation services provided by air transport companies on different routes as different products, then a company is generally a supplier of multiple products. When an enterprise provides transportation services on multiple routes, it will show obvious economies of scope, that is, as the routes increase, the traffic volume on each route will increase correspondingly, and the total traffic volume will increase at an increasing rate. , So as to reduce the cost of unit product on each route.
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