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Characteristics of third-party logistics

by:CNS     2021-07-11
The characteristics of third-party logistics 2021-06-20 15:09:46 The emergence and development of third-party logistics are extremely important for the reasonable allocation of logistics resources, the reduction of logistics costs, and the improvement of logistics efficiency. The Guangzhou-Jiangxi freight dedicated line is in In the development process, the characteristics of third-party logistics are becoming more and more obvious. 1. Contract-oriented logistics services Third-party logistics companies can manage the entire logistics process or can choose several logistics service items, such as order management, inventory management, freight negotiation, carrier selection, etc. The traditional outsourcing is limited to one or several scattered logistics functions, such as transportation companies providing transportation services and warehousing companies providing warehousing services. In addition, when industrial and commercial enterprises choose third-party logistics services, they generally have to sign a special contract, stipulating service items and goals, and include certain penalties. Some companies have also formulated some incentive clauses. 2. The motivation of logistics service companies with new customer relationships to choose third-party logistics services is to reduce costs, improve core competitiveness, and find value-added services. The ways for various companies to cooperate with third-party logistics companies include overall outsourcing logistics business and hiring logistics companies. To manage and operate the company's own logistics assets and equipment and other forms. Although the forms are different, in essence, for the common strategic goal, the two parties jointly develop logistics solutions under the conditions of information sharing, and their business deeply touches the customer's enterprise sales plan, inventory management, ordering plan, production plan, etc. The entire production and operation process goes far beyond the general sales and purchase relationship with customers, but is closely integrated into one, forming a strategic partnership. 3. Personalized logistics services are completely different due to the enterprise nature, product characteristics, business processes, and market conditions of the third-party logistics service demand side. The basic services such as transportation, warehousing and distribution provided by traditional logistics companies are far from being able to meet the needs of current industrial and commercial enterprises, and the business philosophy of today's third-party logistics companies has changed from a supply-driven model to a demand-driven model. Third-party logistics companies Efforts are being made to adopt the 'one company, one strategy' approach to provide special and personalized exclusive services for industrial and commercial enterprises. 4. The rapid development of information technology based on modern electronic information technology is a necessary condition for the emergence of second-party logistics. Information technology has realized the rapid and accurate transmission of data, and has improved warehouse management, loading and unloading transportation, purchasing, ordering, distribution and shipping, The inactive level of order processing integrates ordering, packaging, storage, transportation, and circulation processing; with the help of information platforms, companies can communicate with logistics companies more conveniently. At the same time, the continuous emergence of computer software enables the logistics cost mixed in other businesses to be accurately calculated, and it can also effectively manage the business flow in the logistics channel, which allows the company to transfer the work originally completed in-house to the logistics company to operate . The information technologies commonly used to support third-party logistics are: EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to achieve rapid information exchange, EFT (Electronic Funds Payment) to achieve rapid payment of funds, and EC (E-commerce) to achieve online transactions
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