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Chat with you what items not air freight!

by:CNS     2020-08-15
Chat with you what items not air freight! As is known to all, air transportation has been the fastest mode of transportation of all. In recent years, with the improvement of the traffic convenience, the logistics industry is developing rapidly, at the same time, navigation as well as more and more people in air transport & other The veil & throughout; 。 People began to select a wide range of air transport. However, for security reasons and the particularity of civil aviation, according to the requirement of the related legal laws and regulations and local authorities, many common items do not use air freight. The following are some of the items no air. If you want to the transportation of these items, can choose other ways except the air transport. No air items of fire ( Matches, magnesium rod, etc. ) Fire, as a ban on passengers aboard, also not allowed to transport by air. The capital airport security company ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Security companies throughout the &; ) In 2018, the year in the express mail, E-mail seized 3215 kind of fire. It can be seen that many people don't know the regulations governing the carriage of fire. In these types of fire, especially the usb cigarette lighter, ten thousand matches and magnesium rod in the majority. With the rise of the camping activity, magnesium rod, ten thousand matches camping ignition device such as a large number of appeared in the express mail, E-mail. Combustion, low ignition point, easily happened of this kind of goods is a fatal hidden trouble of air transport, such item is forbidden to transport by air. No air items of lithium batteries ( Lithium batteries, lithium ion battery) Some people may find it hard to believe. After all, in a plane without recharge my mobile phone and have identified the bridge. In air cargo, however, it is strictly prohibited to express mail transport lithium battery, including in the transport of daily return the lithium battery. As one of active metal, lithium is flammable, exothermic and generate a large amount of smoke properties. Lithium as the main component of lithium-ion batteries in the air transport has strict operation requirements and special transport process. Due to the Courier and the kinds of simple and complex operation mail goods, if contain lithium batteries, it will be a serious security hidden danger. Therefore, in the air transport, express mail, it is forbidden to transport lithium battery in the email. No air bubble generator cylinders of items, airbag such items cannot be air transport is largely due to containing compressed gas bottles. In June 2019, from the express mail, E-mail security company seized a large number of compressed gas bottles, appear to have no danger, the compressed gas bottle inside also is a flammable gas, but in the event of collision, squeezing, and so on and so forth. Compressed gas bottle will suddenly burst, causing serious consequences. As we know only one of airbag compressed gas bottle, when it encounters collision pop-up balloon's strength is quite striking, if a large number of such items on the plane, slightly improper operation will bring serious consequences! Therefore, such item is forbidden to transport by air.
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