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Chemical transport by sea is an important part of the shipping market

by:CNS     2020-04-29
Chemical transport by sea is an important part of the shipping market. Marine chemical is a part of each shipping people very seriously. What, then, are the chemicals of shipping note? Today, along with small make up to get to know it. First of all, let's learn about the chemicals mainly includes: chemicals are mainly organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, vegetable oil and animal fat. The kinds of organic chemical products mainly include ethylene, vinyl chloride, vinyl chloride monomer, styrene monomer, ethylene glycol, ethyl cyanide, benzene, methyl butyl ether etc, accounts for about 46% of the chemicals HaiYunLiang; The kinds of inorganic chemical products mainly include phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, such as chemical HaiYunLiang accounted for about 15%; Vegetable oil and animal fat chemical HaiYunLiang accounted for about 25%. Non-vessel shipping the goods in addition to the above categories need by chemicals, and other large volumes of chemicals lubricants and syrup, HaiYunLiang of lubricating oil every year to 6 million tons, the syrup HaiYunLiang each year, more than 7 million tons. China is a developing chemical maritime transport the huge potential of maritime power, with the rise of China's economy in the world, our country's chemical maritime transport must also go have a leap across the age. Together with you take a look at below chemicals shipping need to pay attention to what issues? 1. Understand the basic properties of chemicals to international shipping safety for chemicals, must be to learn more about the basic properties of chemicals, such as toxicity, ignition point, volatile, and so on, and specified in the relevant documents, to facilitate the operator work for packing, loading and unloading and handling. 2. Abide by the transportation regulations of dangerous goods, according to the process operation in the process of chemical transportation, want special attention to the relevant process and regulations. Such as some dangerous goods, must comply with relevant regulations of the transport of dangerous goods. The packing must be safe, label must be stick. In the process of packing, try to avoid open flames and high temperature, it can effectively prevent explosion and volatile chemicals, to ensure staff safety and health. When selecting a container, also need to container in particular check it again. For example if there is any crack, or whether the door is shut, and so on. In chemical international freight must pay special attention to, when all the goods must be put into the container, cannot appear not shut the door or can't seal. 3. Chemicals shipping a common problem. Chemicals shipping exports need what certificate? Generally to provide MSDS, shipping a power of attorney, if is dangerous goods also need to provide packaging performance certificate of dangerous goods, chemical research institute report, normal customs declaration data. b。 Why export dangerous goods and general chemicals shipping when providing MSDS? MSDS is a important chemical hazard message file. It briefly describes a kind of the dangers of chemicals on human health and the environment and provide safe handling, storage and use of the chemical information. The United States, Japan, European Union and other developed countries have generally set up and implement system of MSDS. According to these chemicals management regulations of the country, the production of harmful chemicals manufacturer in the sales, transportation and export its products, are often at the same time provide a copy of its product safety data sheets. At present, for MSDS ( SDS) Foreign demand has expanded to almost all chemicals, exports to the developed countries on this chemical basic requirements have MSDS (now SDS) To smooth customs clearance. Required to provide the goods and some foreign procurement chamber of commerce MSDS ( SDS) , the domestic purchasing some foreign companies or joint venture will request it. 4. Chemicals ( Do not belong to the dangerous goods) Export need data: a. Prior to export to do chemical test report ( Cargo transportation and grant) To prove the goods is not dangerous goods. b。 The whole case - — Some is need to grant the ship, some don't need to ship. In addition, must be a copy of the letter of guarantee and danger cargo MSDS, both are indispensable. c。 LCL - — Need to provide the letter of guarantee and the goods ( In both Chinese and English name, molecular formula, appearance and in use) 。 5. Hazardous chemicals belong to the export needs of information: a. Exports have to do before the exit of dangerous goods transportation using the appraisal results of packing list ( Dangerous package) And, of course, MSDS is needed. b。 The whole case - — Before booking need to provide to apply for the above two documents, such as owner's review. In general, 3 - 5 days will know owner don't accept this product. Dangerous goods booking should be 10 to 14 days in advance to apply for as far as possible, for both shipping and forwarding a plenty of time. c。 LCL - — Before booking also need to provide the dangerous goods package certificate and MSDS, weight and volume.
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