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China's air transport is limited dilemma

by:CNS     2020-08-02
China's air transport how to get rid of the plight of restricted by Shanghai air aviation airport can feel the current global economic development reduced consumer spending, the obvious influence on air freight. According to the international aviation association released in October 2011, traffic, since 2010, volumes reached $6. 6 billion, have declined every month since May 2010, cargo demand fell in October 4. Confidence fell 7%, manufacturing, companies turned to slow mode of transportation. The development of Shanghai airlines cargo capacity will gradually reduce the cost of the distance to play an important role in promoting globalization. Manufacturers, especially the high value of electronic products manufacturers, to a large extent depends on the air transport is tied to decompose the space business. Relatively cheap air transport is also important for tourism development. Shanghai air should know the trend of the global air transportation liberalization and China air transport open case, if we analyze the air transport based on open air transport is the competition. Explains the trend of the aviation globalization, because aviation technology, international business, civil affairs, etc. Analyzes the reform on China's air transport or international air condition limits the development of China aviation international factors.
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