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China southern airlines, between the two countries in urumqi to almaty is vital 'air Bridges'

by:CNS     2020-08-16
China southern airlines in urumqi to almaty is ha crucial 'air bridge' between the two countries on July 28, 1989, a Tu - 154 m successfully landed in kazakhstan almaty airport plane, this marks China's first international routes to kazakhstan's opening, is also the first regular direct flights of China to central Asia. 30 years later, air cargo in urumqi, China southern airlines to almaty routes by the first two classes a week has developed for class every day, and became the china-kazakhstan vital between China & other; Air bridge & throughout; 。 On December 10th, 2019, China southern airlines co. , LTD. In the republic of kazakhstan, almaty successfully hosted the 2019 overseas promotion seminar. The People's Republic of China consulate general in almaty, almaty, air traffic management bureau, international airport in almaty, almaty wheat dior area labor bureau as well as the main ticket agent in kazakhstan, the distribution system operators, travel agencies and other representatives to attend and participate in. Kazakhstan is the front of the silk road and border with China and Russia, the connection of countries along the Persian gulf and the Caspian sea, in & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Construction plays an important role. Vast grasslands and a long history of nomadic kazakhstan livestock products unique advantages. Bilateral relations have been friendly. The first international border cooperation center - in China The establishment of the china-kazakhstan huoerguos international border cooperation center, marks China & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Strategic and kazakhstan & other; Shining path & throughout; National planning has gradually realize effective integration. With the first article in the airline's opened smoothly. China southern airlines is the first international air routes in almaty airport of major international airlines. It has become a kazakhstan's oldest and largest air transport companies in China. Passengers for China and kazakhstan to provide quality services for 30 years. Between the two countries in economy, trade, cultural and personnel exchanges made a positive contribution, hope China southern airlines take & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Initiative of the historical opportunity, achieve greater success. ” In 2019, China southern airlines in two navigation points in almaty, kazakhstan nursultan have launched overseas electronic boarding pass function. Future China southern airlines is committed to continue to promote bilateral modernization, intelligent and humanization of air transport market, facilitation to the passenger and cargo services, clients, business, the respect such as green travel to strengthen the exchanges and share under discuss, and sharing principle deepening cooperation area of civil aviation. As & other; The silk road economic belt & throughout; Construction, the advance of the bilateral relations between the two countries is increasingly close, China southern will tightly grasp the historical opportunity, continue to provide quality service for the two peoples, to promote the bilateral political, economic and cultural exchanges, and enhance the friendship between the two peoples to make greater contribution.
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