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Choice of transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-06
Choice of transportation 2021-06-20 11:53:37 Various transportation methods and means of transportation have their own characteristics, and different types of goods have different requirements for transportation. A reasonable choice of transportation methods is a reasonable organization and guarantee for transportation. An important part of transportation quality and improving transportation efficiency. The choice of transportation mode is to choose from railway, highway, aviation, waterway, pipeline transportation, etc. or combined transportation, and make a decision by evaluating the freight rate and service level of different modes. Since transportation cost occupies an important proportion of total logistics cost, and the freight rates of different modes of transportation vary greatly, therefore, freight rates are five very important factors in choosing a mode of transportation. However, the transportation method with the lowest transportation cost usually causes the cost of other parts of the logistics system to rise, so it is difficult to ensure the lowest cost of the entire logistics system. Therefore, although freight rate is a factor that affects decision-making, it is by no means the only factor. Enterprises must consider the quality of transportation services and the impact of such services on the operating costs of the entire logistics system. The quality of transportation services usually includes transportation time, transportation reliability, transportation safety, and ease of service. The transportation time under different transportation modes will have different impacts on all the inventory levels required by the named nodes of the logistics system, that is, a longer transportation time requires a higher inventory level. The reliability of the transportation method and the degree of safe delivery will also affect the inventory level of each node, the use of material handling equipment and labor, compensation for damages, and the time and cost of communication. It can be seen that the choice of transportation method should be based on the overall requirements of the logistics system, combined with the cost and service characteristics of different methods, and choose a suitable transportation method. The choice of transportation mode is a decision made on the basis of comprehensive consideration of transportation price, transportation time, transportation service reliability, safety and ease. You can also browse the options of transportation: inventory management, production logistics
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