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cie gives in to brennan request for cutback delay

by:CNS     2019-11-21
The CIE board postponed a decision on cutting freight and passenger line rail pending the completion of the strategic rail review by Christmas.
The board said in a statement that it agreed with the request of Transport Minister Simo Brennan, that is, to postpone the decision on the loss of freight services and the proposed suspension of railway services at the Limerick Junction, the rosller line and the néna branch.
However, the board remains very concerned about the serious financial situation of Iarnrod Eireann.
It is understood that the minister told the board that he did not intend to interfere with the daily operation of the company.
However, he believes that a decision should be postponed until the proposal for the strategic rail review is known.
The CIE board meets today to consider shutting down some of Iarnrod Eireann\'s non-profitable rail lines and freight services.
The railway company suggested cutting spending as the closure of fertilizer company IFI exacerbated the loss.
The unions said the changes could result in the loss of 600 jobs, while community delegates said agriculture, tourism and exports would also be affected.
Iarnrod Eireann\'s cargo service is expected to lose 14 euros this year, but the closure of IFI means that the annual loss of revenue will increase by 4 euros.
Now, the company says that in order to achieve cost savings, it must abandon freight services and rail lines without unprofitable.
The two lines of the target are Rosler to Limerick and Limerick to Barry broffy.
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